The White House

The White House

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Full Friday

The icy sidewalk to the upstairs.  It's like navigating a freshly zammed ice rink, but with bumps. Apparently, someone at one time was going to chip it when it was soft, but realized it is an impossible job.  That ice is 3-4 inches thick in some places.  It's on the shady side of the house so it will be awhile.  How about those inside stairs?! LOL
The black liner and rocks really soak up the sun's heat and the pool is being to show.
We usually shovel the lawn, but not this year.  It is just so deep.  Normally I get in a hurry, but I think this year I'll let nature take its course. I'll probably see lawn a few weeks later, but we'll all survive!
And the melting snow exposes a hockey stick....
....and we have a broken window.  No doubt this is related to Elijah and Company. 
I cleaned up most of the mess Emily left me. Homer still needs to hang the mirror and there is one little pile in the middle of the floor of stuff she took out of the desk.  I need to call and see if she was getting rid of it or still going through it.
Cleaned the other rooms while doing laundry.  Can you believe I'm almost caught up with the wash? Lucas played some xBox.  Yes, he's still wearing his clothes from yesterday.  It'll be alright.
Look who made the coolest prom shirt ever.  My son definitely has his own style and isn't worried about conforming to the norms.  I like that.
Took a little time to enjoy the sunshine with Miss Millie.  It's almost impossible to get her to pose for the camera.  She wants to be right next to me.

It looks like she has a cropped tail, but it's really just wagging to the other side.
I took Olivia and Lucas and we went shopping for a tie for Nick.  Not sure what I was thinking....5:00 on a Friday?  I don't know how people drive in that traffic every day.  I've definitely reached a stage in my life where things are slowing down for me.  Cars zinging in and out, I was a nervous wreck.  Why the big hurry? Anyhow, Nick was at the Skate Park with about 20 other kids so we stopped and watched him for a bit.  Couldn't get out as the parking lot is a mess and we would have been soaked. Nick's in the turquoise by the shorts. It was in the 40's and beautiful.

We found a tie and made it home safely. Our driveway is horrible and Nick got stuck.  Dad brought our new bed home and we didn't do much of anything all evening. I did do a little planting yesterday...13 6-packs of Zinnia Candy Cane, 10 6-packs of Zinnia Profusion, 13 6-packs of Zinnia Lilliput and 12 6-packs of Red Cabbage (of course, they won't all germinate).  I am still behind, but am almost out of trays and can't afford more.  I'll have to figure something out because I need to get the seeds in the soil.

I need to get busy....lots to do and I'm sure one of the kids will need me to go somewhere for something! :)


RottenMom said...

This line...

"Yes, he's still wearing his clothes from yesterday. It'll be alright."

Is exactly why I love you so much.

Tara said...

Gayle, for a long time I cut milk cartons (the cardboard kind cuz the littles drink lactose free) in half and made planters. I don't see why it couldn't be done with any other jug available!

Love the double day shirt! We do that ALL THE TIME around here ;)