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Friday, April 15, 2011

Greenhouses Are Free Therapy

I cleaned out my phone and found a photo I forgot to share.  A few weeks ago we attended the birthday party of a neighbor who has been a friend for the last ten years.  His house is at the top of his property with sprawling grass slopes.  On a clear day he can see Mt. McKinley.  The setting sun was very beautiful. For his birthday I spent the entire Saturday digging up all the photos of him and his son that I had taken over the years and made a slide show to music. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. 
 I had this photo on my phone, too.  Spring time in day the snow melts, by night the water freezes again.  The ground isn't thawed so puddles back up in the streets and the crews have to steam open the drains.  This puddle got much bigger and then in the last couple of days it disappeared.
 Yesterday we spent a long time sitting at the orthopedic office waiting to get Elijah's cast off.  Lucas played with his new Star Wars Transformer and really was a good boy.

 See his face?  Funny to see such a "tough" kid very nervous that she was going to cut his thumb off.
 The boys hung out with their younger siblings and I took some me time. I went to one of the local greenhouses to look and smell.  I was all alone except for two staff members watering.  What a relaxing time. At the far end are Geraniums.  There are a bunch of fancy ones, but even the ones like I grew were $6.99 each!  That means I currently have $279.60 worth of Geraniums in my plant room!!  True, I don't really need that many, but I am so thankful for my plant room. 
Here's the price list just in case you were doubting me. Again, $4.19 for peppers (mine were just ever so slightly bigger right now).  I currently have $251.40 worth of pepper plants!! When I was at Fred Meyer last night I saw that your basic green bell pepper was $2.00 each!  I sure hope my plants produce because I don't buy them at that price. Same thing with tomatoes...I have a lot of tomato plants and some tomatoes were up to $3.49 per pound for fruit that ripes in the truck on its way to Alaska. Enjoy the fresh produce in your area!! By-the-way, I have updated my gardening blog here so check it out!
 My tomato plants were bigger than the greenhouse, but their cucumbers put my tiny little things to shame yet at $6.99 each I'll wait for mine to grow a little. Looking forward to cucumbers, too.  They were $1.79 each at the store.
 My husband got off work and met up with me for dinner.  (We made this into a "date" night).  I had the best Caribbean salad.  I've never had dried cherries before and I love them.  We even went to the Health Food section of the store, where we spent an hour, to get some. 

Don't you just love the $5 movie bin at Walmart?  I got the Wee Ones Fern Gully.  We actually have it for the VHS, but all the VCR's are broken.  It was one of Nick's favorites when he was little and they love it, too.  (Lucas is watching it right now. It so love Batty).
Yesterday really was a bust...back and forth to town, I gave up and had some me time and then us time with my husband.  Today...I've got to get crackin'.  Life will blow right by if you're not paying attention!! :)  Oh, and did I mention it is totally t-shirt weather?  It is sunny and 36* at my house right now.  I don't even bother to wear a coat feels so good!!


patty said...

I loved Fern Gully too!
Also, when Jared got his cast off, he was scared of the very same thing....and he actually did get cut a tiny bit. It wasn't really a cut, it was more of a burn type of thing, if that makes sense.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

if you figured in your time and efforts you could charge that kkind of money for plants.