The White House

The White House

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Computer Has A Ghost

In keeping with yesterday's theme of finishing up the 432 started, but unfinished projects at The White House, I tackled my lap top.  Or at least I intended to, but technology won. Several years ago we paid my husband's left arm to have my crashed laptop restored in rapid fashion for a hockey trip I was taking to California with Cody. It worked for 1.5 days and then died.  Since that time it has sat in a cabinet.  I cannot justify spending anymore money on it. About a month ago while purging said cabinet of the 362 useless cables I turned it on.  It worked.  Sort of. Something is wrong with the Windows Operating System. You can surf the net, install and use programs, but "Windows" doesn't recognize itself so you can't do anything with a document.  I took off all the valuable records I've been keeping all these years since my divorce and attempted a system restore with the fancy disks they provide at purchase. I can make it a little over halfway through the process when the computer determines there is a ghost writer corrupting something or other and I have to start over.  Next step is to contact ACER: do they still provide help on 5-year old computers?  Tink...I wish you were here to fix it.
 So I moved on to more frivolous activities before my head exploded in frustration....things like finally putting my dried flowers in the vases in Emily's room. Quick, simple so why did it take a month to do it? 
 It didn't take long to realized that by my doing something in Emily's room, she was going to do something in her room.  What is it with the female gene that feels the need to constantly make changes in their lives?  Hair, clothes, diet, furniture...etc.  We are always "self-improving".  Men stick to what they know and leave things be.  (Ever notice how low-stress their lives are?  They may be on to something).  Anyhow, she started to rearrange her room. *sigh* It hasn't even been finished long enough to change it!!  I did put the frame under the mattress and the head board that was gifted to us together so that much was better.  The rest?  She left the mess for me. It was time for bed before we finished and today begins her week away from Mom so another to-do on my list.

I'm beginning to wonder if they are going to run out of blooms before they go outside for the summer?  Incredible.  I still haven't learned how to take cuttings.  I'm not sure I have it in me as they look so pretty just how they are. Well, except for the military issue ammo boxes they are planted in.

I finally sewed up some holes in Nick's pants.  They've only been sitting there....shoot, I can't even admit how many months it's been. My son is cheap   thrifty or granola or hippie or something like that.  He'll wear pants or shoes until they are literally falling apart on his body.  It's his "style" which does fit nicely with his dreads (and he'd rather have the cash in his pocket than a new pair of pants...either way it still costs me).  Holes sewed and he's wearing them today.
Funny...started this post and then had to leave for Kindergarten.  Lucas and I went to the store, but got called away to take Elijah to get his cast off.  Now back home to drop the kids off and I still have to go to the store.  Talk about a bust of a day!!


Corey~living and loving said...

may seem like a bust....but looks like you got stuff done to me. :)

Lisa L said...

honestly luv ..dunno how you do it. truly

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Not a bust of a day. You completed at least three of those things that have been hanging around needing to be done!! 1. made some progress on the laptop 2. dealt with empty vases and dried flowers 3. mended holey pants. You're golden! XXX

Martha in PA said...

I have 2 of the 4 little vases, I figured there were more but have not seen them! Very cute.