The White House

The White House

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finish Those Little Things

After I got Elijah, Emily and then the two Nick's (we have a Nick guest every Monday night) off to school I threw the Wee People in the tub. When I went to get them out there was not a towel to be found. I don't think towels need washed every day. I mean,  you are clean when you dry off.  We had a towel rack in the bathroom where everyone had their own hood, but Elijah takes his towel to his room and then the next day will take some one else's until he's used every one's. Dad started hiding his towel in the bed room so I did to.  And yesterday?  Couldn't find a single one to get them out of the tub. Lovely way to start the day although I did clean the bedrooms and wash some laundry while they played.

He wanted to show off his handsome hair.

 Do you have unfinished tasks around the house?  We, as in all seven of us, are famous for our good intentions and lousy follow through.  Homer picked up this light switch for Emily's room several weeks ago.  It's been in the bag ever since and there was a good chance that is where it would have stayed until it was lost or broken. Yesterday while in a cleaning frenzy I attended to this and a few other similar tasks because they really do make me crazy...always in the back of my mind (and my mind is getting full!). All it took was about 2 minutes or less so why do of us do this? Please, tell me we aren't the only family! :)
 Another task...painting the polka dot peg hangers (see the blue one in the middle that Em did?) that I picked up 3 or 4 years ago.  I walk by them a dozen times a day mentally telling myself to paint them, but never do.  That's a lot of "mental notes to self" that went unanswered.  Now we'll put them in each room and maybe they'll hang their towel on them?  Or not. I also painted Emily's E J C hangers for jackets.
 This photo does not show the funny stuff that was going on.  Nick (18) was running around the house with Lucas (4) playing some kind of army-police game. I think here he's getting ready to pounce. Nick is such a great big brother.
 Dinner was steak topped with sauteed onions, bacon and garlic, baked potatoes and coleslaw.  I always manage to take a blurry photo of food.
 The guys were playing a pretty intense game of basketball.
 Lucas was enjoying slamming the ball home!
 Then it was Family Airband time. Here's Emily on the Candy Cane Bass Guitar.
 Olivia was the lead singer and dancer.
 Lucas was the Lead Guitar with some tricky behind the back/head moves.
 And Dad was jamming on the drums.  I was a wild groupie. 
Just another crazy day at The White House.


Corey~living and loving said...

looks pretty perfect! :)

yes...I have half started projects everywhere in my house. ugh.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

No. You are not the only procrastinators!!! I wish I could begin to tell you the stuff we have sitting around that need to be done. Wouldn't take that long, but it's been sitting here forever!! You are not alone.

patty said...

We have crap sitting around too, until I go crazy and clean it all up!

Martha in PA said...

Procrastinators unite!

Again, you make me laugh at the little things that happen in your house that I thought only happened in mine. Tara is TERRIBLE about hanging up her towels after her shower. I find them on the floor, bed, chair, etc. and I refuse to wash them each time. If I hang them on the towel rack on the bathroom door she still never takes one of those, always a clean one from the closet so NOW, once a towel is totally dry I refold it and put it back on her pile- she has towels that only she uses.. and I have my ONE special towel that I too hang up in my bedroom after each shower!

Sorry for the long story!

Tara said...

Definitely NOT the only family!!! And it's amazing how much those tiny things make you feel so much better! Looks like ya'll were having a blast :)