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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Questions in March

These are reactions to questions asked in March....

**What is a Pineapple Tomato?  I've never had or seen a Pineapple Tomato, but a nice blogger in Oregon was willing to send me seeds harvested from her garden to try.  I've very excited about all the varieties of vegetables I've started.  I sure hope they produce!

**Are arm warmers popular? I saw them  in stores for the first time this winter and thought it would be fun to make a pair.  Emily loves them and I will be making her more next winter.

**What's wrong?  Ex-husband, court, kids, custody....which can never end good for anyone involved no matter the outcome. This will drag on for a year or more so it will be awhile before I share the details. It's something I spent seven years avoiding for my children, family and friends.  I would prefer to handle our lives personally. I don't think anything is gained by going public except a lot of heart ache for everyone.  The pain I feel in my heart...not for myself but for so many heavy. I want nothing more than everyone to get along.

**Can I package up my energy? No, sorry. In fact, I may have a leak in my reserves because I feel like I am running out of get-up-and-go. 

**(referring to soccer try-outs) The Old Curmudgeon soccer coach and the whole school for that matter could care less about Seniors shining.  In fact, if you asked the majority of the students they will tell you that it isn't a high school, it is a prison.  And if you walk around the halls that is exactly what it feels like.

**(referring to the dreads) Is there anything I cannot figure out how to do?  I smile when I read that because I've kind of taken pride in "doing it myself" since I was young. (Apparently, one of my very first statements as a little kid). I think you can teach yourself to do most anything if you have the time and desire although there are lots of failures along the way. As for the dreads...they are pretty good. He's had people with dreads tell him they were awesome for new ones.  I tend to see all the things wrong with them and wish I had a do-over, but that is just me being too picky.

**Will I teach Millie to mush?  No, I've been an epic failure at my previous attempts at training sled dogs.  I will, however, teach her to pull the sled.  I'd like to be able to take winter walks with me leading her pulling the little ones.

**Where is Daisy's friend and isn't she lonely?  Daisy used to have the company of two goats.  I think they were poisoned (as was one of our dogs) as they went from alive and well to dead in just a few hours. I never spent the money to do tests as it was pointless.  It wouldn't prove who did it.  We have talked about getting another sheep and while I like Daisy I don't really want more wool to care for.  We've thought about a Nigerian Dwarf Goat, but they run $300 or more.  Last year Rupert the turkey kept her company.  Maybe some rabbits?  Yes, I think Daisy does need some sort of friend.

**Can I start Impatiens from cuttings since my seeds didn't germinate?  I never even thought of that, love the suggestion and will do some reading to learn how!

**What time did Em and I take our walk?  It was between 6:30 and 8:00.  I'll have to pay more attention because the time of my camera is never right. The kids don't have drapes and will sleep through anything. My bedroom window has insulation covering it.  I have to have complete darkness to sleep. 


Bonnie said...

Hope you are all over the illness. WE missed any of the stomch bugs this year, so thankful but we did get many colds and such.

By the way arm warmers are big here too.

If you ever do win the lottery and hit the RV please come Saskatchewan way. I'd love to have you over!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I like this post. Its nice to get answers to others questions.

Stace said...

What in the world is an arm warmer?? and where can I get some?? The older I get the colder I get :P lol
I have a few loose rabbits (kids didn't close the cage...) and they will hang out with the sheep....but lately it's been Fez the rooster who sleeps with the sheep, eats with the sheep and even sits on their backs. I think he's been ousted by the "other" roosters.
I have always wondered how you native alaskans sleep with all of that light...I couldn't do it...I need total darkness too.
Glad your family is feeling better...Isn't it about time all of these nasty little bugs go away ???

Corey~living and loving said...

oooo what a fun post. Loved reading all your answers. :)

RottenMom said...

Thanks for answering my question about the the walk and the drapes! I remember the summer photos you posted around the campfire at night, I think it was midnight and it was light out!

I will be Daisy's friend! Send her here!

Janie said...

You really have learned to do a lot of stuff yourself. I admire that!