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The White House

Friday, April 1, 2011

I Need Sunshine

Yesterday Olivia had a "I refuse to go to school" moment. We drove ten miles to school and then she would not get out of the van.  I suppose I could have pulled her out of the van, screaming and thrashing, taken her into the school and let the teacher worry about it, but I didn't have it in me. So back home we went to color pictures for Santa and listen to Christmas music.  I think they were secretly trying to drive me insane....singing Winter Wonderland on the last day of March is not good for a soul that has been locked in winter for months and months. 
 We finally froze the ice cream we mixed up the other day.  A completely pointless task.  They were interested for about 2.5 seconds and then I was left with a really loud mixer going round and round.  I should have just thrown it in the freezer.
 The finished product is awful.  Not only did that little bit cost more than a gallon at the store, it isn't very good.  They wouldn't eat it. I won't eat it.  Homer said he would.  I'll believe that when I see it as he never eats ice cream.
 Cleaned Flower's cage yesterday and got rid of the ramp.  She just hops up to her food anyhow, and the ramp made it hard for Olivia to get her out of the box. She is the sweetest little girl.
 I cannot wait until these are in the greenhouse and we are picking the first fruit.  It's nice to have something to look forward to.  Visit My Alaska Garden for lots more photos of what I have growing.
 Last night was a Wii night with some hunting, baseball, golf...the usual. 
I don't feel as if I accomplished anything yesterday.  The kitchen looks like a bomb went off, there are still ten loads of laundry to do, plants need watering, etc. etc.  I did make my rounds to tidy up each bedroom.  (I like that part of my day). I realized my lack of motivation is directly related to the lack of windows down stairs.  The minute I went up stairs my grumpy mood went away and I had energy.  Three sides of the downstairs are underground so we can't put in a lot of windows, but we can do a few on the fourth side which has become a summer priority.  I also think I'll spend more time upstairs.  When my craft room is done I'll move my computer up there, too.  I think that will do a lot for my mood.

Well, Little Miss is ready for school so we'd better hit the road.  It's already 10:00am and I haven't done a darn thing!!


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

What is it about the Christmas carols?? My daughter has been singing them the past couple days too!! Crazy!!

Yes, I think the lack of windows would definitely kill my ambitions. Maybe you'll get windows downstairs AND inside stairs this summer!! You'd be in some kind of heaven!!

Trying to send some sunshine your way!!! Have you looked at the Sanibel webcams today??

Martha in PA said...

I have had many of those days recently of my 14 yo not wanting to go to school... really what do you do? Drag them? Especially when they are teens!

We need sun here in PA too - winter not as long a yours, but too long none the less!

Stace said...

Is there something going on with Olivia in the school that is causing her to not want to go? I could have posted this (actually I think I DID post something very much like this lol)4 years ago with Tryphon, he refused to get out of the car, kicked, screamed ect...he got in trouble for NOT going to school and any time that I assisted him from the van, I got in it was a lose lose. Turns out he was being bullied pretty badly and was just trying to protect making it so that he didn't have to to into the classroom. In the end they kicked Tryphon out of the school whereas the bully and his minions got to stay and continue their rule of terror. Bitter much? LOL Anyway, just a thought :) ((HUGS))

Janie said...

Strange that Miss Olivia didn't want to go to school. She seems like such a good little student.
What were those kids thinking, singing Christmas carols. They need to be concentrating on the Easter bunny, not Santa!

Gail said...

May your day be perfect!

anymommy said...

Inedible ice cream? I didn't even know it was possible!