The White House

The White House

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It Happened

Today happened, like all other days happen, with drama.

Poor little Lukey has Olivia's bug from last week.  I have never seen a child vomit so much in my life...and that comes with saying I've seen eight kids (and cleaned up after) vomit.  He is so sickly.  Hopefully, this is just as her sickness was and will be gone by tomorrow afternoon. 

Do you think the other three kids will get it?

Will Homer and I?

I planted, shopped, painted nails, corrected homework, cleaned, fed, washed laundry, fed animals....but the stench of vomit is still here.  Ooooo...I don't like that. ( I have a very sensitive nose and may have been some kind of search dog in another life.  Or could be one now.)

I even took a photo or two, but I'm going to bed.  It's a little before midnight and I'm tired. 

Oh, it snowed again tonight. 

Icing on the cake.

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Janie said...

Wow, it's terrible to have sick kids. Hope they're over it by now.