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The White House

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gettin' Busy

Saturday was a full day of gardening type stuff.  I tossed out the baggies of sprouted seeds. They were just too developed and a tangled mess to transplant.  Olivia sprinkled some Mimulus seeds in these little pots to set around the garden.  Hopefully they will work out. She just loves to help with the planting and really wants to do carrots, but there's still several feet of snow out there!

The really nice gardeners at Voice In The Garden sent me seeds they harvested from their gardens in Oregon.  They include Hot Hungarian Wax Pepper, Pineapple Tomato and French Orange Cantaloupe.  It will be fun to see if I can get them to produce.
There isn't much for windows downstairs, but these two found what little sunshine there was streaming in and cuddled in it.

I spent much of Saturday working myself into a Spring Cleaning sweat.  The more I get rid of and the more open, empty space there is, the better I feel.  It's amazing all the "stuff" that I just had to have I didn't really need (or want) at all.  The de-cluttering has been kind of fun.  A bit like sweeping the cobwebs out of my soul.  Sometimes we drag too much "baggage" around in life and less really is more! 

Sunday morning I got up and started doing my thing while the rest of the house slept in.  Actually, Olivia got up with me, too, and we cleaned Flower's cage. Once the boys got rolling later in the morning they went to the car for Stereo Installation 101.  Homer got Nick a stereo for Christmas (previously he was without music which is like a bird being without wings), but it's been so cold it hasn't been hooked up.  Today was the day!
Once he had tunes we just had to go to town and check it out!  The Little Ones went to see Grandma and we had lunch with Nick and did a little shopping.  Nick needs an iPod and would you believe you cannot purchase anything other than a Shuffle or 8GB Nano in this town. He needs at least 16GB to hold his music.  Now we'll have to order online. 

Homer got Elijah's snow machine running Saturday after about 3 hours of repairs!  He spent all weekend making the most of it and was pretty beat by Sunday evening.

Looking forward to another productive day (I hope).  Later I'll be sitting with Elijah after school so he can get caught up on his art projects.  Nick's soccer try-outs start tonight.  Send him positive vibes...I know he'd really like to play and it is his last chance at a high school sport. One more week and Spring Break although I'm not so sure it should really be labeled "Spring".


Lori Skoog said...

like "sweeping cobwebs out of my soul." A great statement Gayle. I also need to get in the de-cluttering mode! What are pineapple tomatoes?

Janie said...

I love getting rid of baggage, too. It is good for the soul.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

hope he makes the team

blondevue... said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!