The White House

The White House

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crazy Busy with a Sprinkle of Headache

Not sure where my camera was yesterday, but it sure wasn't in my pocket!  My morning was spent cleaning bedrooms, laundry and bathing kids.  Got Olivia off to school.  Lucas and I went to the store with the intent of getting a dust pan.  He had mac 'n cheese, talked me into a toy and I forgot my dustpan.  Typical.

The house is a train-wreck.  When Mama has other obligations in life the Cleaning Fairy DOES NOT come and take my place.  In fact, the Messy Fairy sprinkles go-dust on the kids and they increase their destruction. They are hard to keep up with, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Although I could use a little extra energy to get to it all today!

Olivia and I played multiple card games last night and when she couldn't get another game out of me she got Lucas to play.  This girl loves to play games.  My Nick was the same way.  When he was little he and I played games for hours.  He still likes to.

This is where Homer and Elijah have spent the last couple nights.  The carport, tent thingy (I'm drawing a blank as to what it is called) with a parachute over the end and a space heater it is their make-shift snow machine repair shop.  The glow looks a bit different in real life and I kinda wanted to go out there last night, but I didn't. It's guy time and Mama's just need to let that be.
You can go to My Alaska Garden to check up on my latest flops in gardening.  Busy time of year for me right now! Hope you find time to check in.


Gail said...

The house work will wait...there are more important things to attend.

Granny used to tell me, the work will still be here when you're dead and gone, so have some fun!

Janie said...

Olivia isi the cutest little card player.
I always hope for the Cleaning Fairy, but she's never showed up yet!