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The White House

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flower, Flowers and Warm Weather

Flower loves spinach.  First thing in the morning she starts squeaking and making her funny little noises to get our attention to get her a snack.

Olivia and Homer built this little house together. It keeps her food out of the sawdust and gives her a place to hide.  She doesn't use the ramp, though, and just hops up.
I had good intentions yesterday, but never managed to photograph the day.  Most of it was spent planting and transplanting that you can read about here. Need to get to work this morning as there is so much to do.
After I couldn't look at another seed I went upstairs to clean and do laundry.  Got through three bedrooms and one bathroom.  When we were only living upstairs (before Lucas) I cared for 9 people, a couple of dogs and the kids had something to attend every single night.  And I could do it.  Now we live downstairs as well and we have doubled our square footage.  Either I've gotten really slow as I get older or I just can't keep up with stuff being spread out  a lot further.  I just never seem to make it all the way through the house in one day. Of course, back then I didn't garden like I do now or knit as much or blog as much.  Ummm, maybe I've just found other things to do besides clean! :)  Anyhow, don't misunderstand, it is my pleasure to care for my family and I really don't mind making their beds or picking up their dirty clothes (although I wish they could hit the garbage can a little better), I just get frustrated that I can't keep up like I used to. I want it all perfect all the time and it is far from that!! 

So while upstairs I watered the Impatiens and found a couple of blooms.  A sure sign that Spring will come eventually. (Slightly blurry photo taken with my phone and shaky hands).

It was 31* outside yesterday!  Love it!  Lucas did some sledding and I gathered "stuff" that seems to be collecting by the front door and made a dump pile. If I had my way everything would be tucked neatly away in sheds, closets, cupboards, but you have to have those things first!  Maybe I should invest in some blue tarps!! :)

Time to get busy.....have beautiful Wednesday my friends in Blog Land.


FlowerLady said...

I love your seed starting set up. No wonder you have garden beds filled with so much beauty.

Do what you can in any given day, tomorrow is another day to continue on.

Love and hugs Gayle ~ FlowerLady

Martha in PA said...

Our "piggies" do the same thing in the morning... they love their carrots. When we had a family of 6 piggies, all you had to do with rustle a produce or plastic shopping bag and you would have a choir of squealing pigs! Have your girls learned what all the little noises mean? They make different noises for different reasons. It is very interesting. You can find recordings on the internet.

Our Guinea Pig Cage

blondevue... said...

That little box is so cute! What a great Dad to help Olivia make it for her cute pet.

Corey~living and loving said...

My nieces G Pig was named Flower as well. Cute!