The White House

The White House

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yes! Done Painting (for the most part)

Is there anything more precious than little girls dressing up? I love when both girls get on a roll.  So cute!  I am also resigned to the fact that there will not be a photo from Lucas' childhood where his face isn't covered in red kool-aid smiles. 
With an electric bill over $400 something has to give.  I asked my husband to put up a board for me to hang clothes on.  Now if given the choice he would have made something nice.  I demanded speed so I got my 2x4, and now I hang the clothes to dry and then fluff in the dryer for 10 minutes.  Ten minutes compared to 60 per load has to help the electric bill.  (I hope).  Just so you know, my laundry room definitely will be remodelled (after the rest of the bedrooms).  If it were nice I wouldn't have gone with a hunk of ugly wood.
Homer and Emily mud, taped, sanded, mudded, sanded.  They got it all ready for me to paint.  Kind of cool that they worked on it together.  She'll always remember being a part of "building" her room.
This is Miss Emily's view.  You see snow.  I see Daisy the sheep, a full pool, a greenhouse  over-flowing garden beds.
Then a little texture was applied.
Time for paint!  This is where Miss Emily and I got to work together.  It's been a great family project.
I also hung out with Nick and went through the last four boxes in his room.  Amazing how we only kept about 1/2 box of stuff!  We are still working on the final touches to his room to make it comfortable. He may be almost 18 and he may be graduating soon, but he isn't going anywhere.  I know some people who can't wait until their kids are 18 and out-of-the-house and I don't get it.  Definitely not something Homer and I buy into.  Our kids can live with us forever if they want. And bring more home.  The more the merrier! :)  In fact, we spend a lot of time planning our future, dreaming of warm beaches and sunshine.  Some day.  In the meantime all the kids contribute the the remodelling projects.  They know it is all a part of their future.  What great kids, don't you think?
Tuesday was spent at the Courthouse.  Such fun.

Wednesday, while the kids were at school I put the final coat of paint on Em's room.  (The "spots" are from my dirty camera, not really on the walls).

This has been the best "cost free" project we've ever done.  The Sheetrock was purchased several years ago with a gift card from Granma and Papa Doyle. The mud, tape and paint were bought with another gift card from the same great in-laws this year.  The carpet was purchased last year, and I'm almost positive it was with another gift card!!  We have "stuff" to decorate with that I got at Michael's with another gift card from the same giving people!  Thus the virtually "cost free" project.  We'll lay the carpet this week and Em is on the phone right now making plans to have friends spend the night when she comes back home next week. We're gonna have a girls night!!

Now on to inside stairs and a new, bigger room for Elijah.  :) :)  (I find it all very exciting, can't you tell!).

Life, my friends, is good at The White House.  Thank-you for all your support and kindness.  There is no storm we can't survive as long as we surround ourselves with good people. 


Gail said...

...may they continue to be great!

FlowerLady said...

Glad to hear all your news. Em's room is looking good and to think it will be done basically 'cost free', is GREAT. Working on projects together can bring people closer and I'm glad that's the case with your family. Hope you all will soon be done with the courthouse.

Enjoy all the moments you have together.


Lori Skoog said...

Yahoo! Such progress. You sound great!

gpc said...

I am so glad Court Day is behind you, one less thing to stress about! 'Can't wait to see how Emily decorates her room, I know it will be as pretty as she is!

Tink *~*~* said...

You've been busy! Glad you've got another project under your belt. Is it time to start plants yet?


Janie said...

Emily's room is coming along, and it's so nice that she's helping with the work. She'll appreciate it more that way!

Tara said...

PRAISE GOD!! Everything looks great :)