The White House

The White House

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last night Nick Tye-dyed a shirt for himself and then one for Emily.  Oh, and my towel, too.  (He made my shirt the other day).  He's getting pretty good at this.  Wait until you see the project for his room.   You'll love it. (He has such a captive audience!).
Em was busy yapping on the phone to a friend whose mom I actually know from my childhood!  Lots of plans to be made for sleep-overs in the new room!
Today is was snowing.  We were supposed to get five inches, but we didn't get much at our house. I did hear is snowed more in town.

I still have a few impatiens left.  The other group died.  They were on the other side of the house near the door.  I think the cold draft did them in.  I still have the buckets with the root system.  The boys and I have been carrying them down to the grow room.  I'm going to water the roots for a couple of weeks and see if they sprout.  It can't hurt.
I saw this today while cleaning Nick's room and it brought tears to my eyes.  Yes, I clean his room.  And yes, I'm proud to do it.  I love my kids. Anyhow, this is a little pillow I sewed for Nick when he was one.  It's worn thin and has a few holes, but he stills keeps it around.  That really means a lot to me especially since he's a boy.  When Nick was about 1.5 I took him to Washington to a family reunion that was in honor of my father.  He had passed away the Christmas before.  This pillow went with us.  I'll find that photo to share.  He was my little Sunshine... and still is.
Lucas wanted to help me paint the shelves Homer made for Nick to hold that 1/2 a box of stuff.  I totally spaced out sanding them before we started.  Oh, well.  They aren't  fancy and are just what Nick wants.  He decided on orange since it will go so well with green and purple stripes.  :)

Last night I made tacos for the kids.  For dad I made hamburger steaks in the oven and the best potato salad ever.  The most amazing blend of flavors... potatoes, mayo, mustard, thousand island, ranch, BBQ sauce, onions, garlic and topped with crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar and pepper jack cheeses.  I can't wait to make more!
Trixie has been getting so much attention lately now that everyone isn't so afraid of getting bit. Well, kind of not afraid...notice Livy wearing gloves?  Emily held her for a long time last night.  I can't wait until she starts singing more.  She's pretty quiet compared to the birds I've had in the past.
Tonight was a beef stroganoff made with steak left over from two nights ago.  I also made a cheddar bread for the first time.  Totally spaced putting in the jalapenos.  Next time!
Somehow I caught Livy making a "scared" face, but she was really just talking to me.
I sure love those men.... Homer, Elijah and Nick.  I couldn't be more blessed.  They take such good care of me.
Knitting with four tiny needles making arm warmers for Emily.  What was I thinking?  I could have bought them on sale at Claire's for $7 dollars, but she wanted ones made by her mom (how sweet is that?).  I got about six rows in a realized there was a big gap between two of the needles so I tore it all out.  One day I'll try again and I'll make one set just to say I've done it, but I don't see myself doing it twice!  Or ever making socks! 
I knit, but I'm not rock star.  I make mistakes and I do easy stuff so it can be done while watching television, a movie or sitting in the gym waiting for a game to start.  It's more of a time filler since I have that need to always be busy!  I started another pair with much bigger yarn and needles.  Something I could do while watching the Mentalist.

Tomorrow I'll get another coat on Nick's shelves.  Hopefully, that will do it, they can dry and go up in a couple of days.  Also, have some stuff I'd like to box up.  Nick and Elijah both have a considerable amount of trophies from when they raced bmx and motocross...oh, and hockey and soccer trophies, too, but neither of them really want them in their rooms.  I can't bear to throw them away so I need to pick up some totes to store them in for now.  Looking to clean up one more pile of clutter!  :)  I clean up after 7 people in 3200 sq feet.  Em tells me the house would look bigger if it wasn't so messy! LOL  Gotta love the honesty of kids.  She is right so I'll see what I can do about that.  Moving her into her room will take care of multiple boxes stacked in the corner and get rid of some "mess".  Yea!!


FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ You and your family are busy with projects, eating great food, and enjoying your life, and that's great. Thanks for all of the pictures.

I fixed tacos last night. That is my favorite comfort/happy food since I was a little girl.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Gail said...

Sounds like tons of progress.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

You are making so much progress on the house. I'll bet Emily can't wait to get moved into her new room and party down with her friends!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

lol where does she think the mess comes from? Imagine if everyone of those kids could pick up just one thing a day. lol

RottenMom said...

Please please please please share the potato salad recipe. It looks and sounds so good!

Come to Cleveland and teach me to knit!

Lisa L said...

i love your family. i love the kind of mama you are. if we mamas were all like you? the world would be a sweeter place. (ps) i would love the recipe for the stroganoff and the tater salad...only if you have time...