The White House

The White House

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow, Super Bowl, Shreddin' the Moose

Saturday was a beautiful day if you like to play in the snow as these two do.  Olivia was a riot in her goggles!

Saturday night Mr. White was hit by a moose on his way home from work.  Yes, you read that right.  Just down the road from our house someones bulldog was chasing a calf.  It came flying out of the woods and ran right into the side of his truck.  He never even saw it coming. It's head hit the lower right corner of the windshield leaving a spider web there.  Then the entire body swung around denting down the side and shattering the side window.  He said the calf was about half the size of a horse and died instantly.  Another man stopped and helped him pull it off the road until the police arrived to put out flares for the charity that was called to salvage the meat.  Sing it with me.... "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all".  Don't believe me?  I won $50 in free gas.  I got a $40 parking ticket the same day.  How's that for luck.

I ran to town before the Super Bowl and thought of a craft to keep Livy busy during the game so I made a quick stop for fabric.  First I cut a giant heart out of Styrofoam.  Here they are taping it together.
Then I cut out squares of fabric.  Olivia used hundreds of straight pins to cover the whole heart.

Before kick-off we went out to say hi to the girls and put the game on the radio for them.  I have to confess Homer has been caring for them for awhile now.  Every winter he takes over their care giving me a break during the two coldest months.  He knows how much I dislike the cold.  He call them "His Ladies".
She looks so dingy and kinda smells, too. 

We had BBQ chicken sandwiches and coleslaw for game day. 
Nick had nachos.  Elijah was Shreddin' the Moose with Chase and got home right after half time.  Homer literally shred a moose, but Elijah's was more fun.... he was skiing at Moose Mountain.

Our corner of the World.

It seems we have a lot going on lately so I don't blog like I did.  Or take photos.  Nick turned 18 on Monday.  Very sad my Little Sunshine has grown up.  I'm so glad he's not leaving home, too. Tuesday I spent part of the day going to classes with Elijah.  If you haven't gone to high school with your teen you should.  You will be surprised.  And disappointed.  The youth of today is an extremely disrespectful group, but really, me, you, all the parents hold much of the responsibility.  We've raised them to be this way.  Basketball game Tuesday night.  That was Elijah's last one.  He will not be finishing the last two weeks of the season.  Long story and I'm not going to talk about it, but just know he is fine. Much of my evenings are consumed with Elijah and school work.  He always has so much to do and needs a lot of help.  He and just put together a pretty good slide show for English.  I hope his presentation goes well today.  I spent about 8 hours Saturday learning how to take clips from movies and put them into a powerpoint to help him get the bonus points.  Good thing I love that kid so much!  He's worth every hour.  Emily has carpet!  Yea!  Tonight Homer will put in the trim and then stretch the carpet and she'll be good to go.  Then on to the next project!  Speaking of projects, I need to get upstairs to paint her door and put the second coat on Nick's shelves.  Lots to do!!


Corey~living and loving said...

ooooo you h ave been getting some really wonderful snow shots with sunflares. I love the one right after the nacho pic. WOW! amazing.

Tink *~*~* said...

Wait a sec. Lemmee get this straight. A moose comes outta nowhere, damages your vehicle and then someone else gets the meat? That just doesn't seem right :/


RottenMom said...

I am so glad that Homer is okay after his meeting with the moose!

Yeah for the gas card!
Boo for the ticket!

Olivia's heart is beeeeautiful!

Gail said...

I want to know the kind of vitamins you take...I need some!

sue in mexico mo said...

I have been wondering about you.

My corner of the world looks like your corner of the world. We had a blizzard last week! The weatherman actually used the word BLIZZARD! We had over 20 inches of snow. Interstate 70 was closed for over 24 hours. It crosses Missouri from Kansas City to St. Louis. I live about half way between.

That is scary - Homer and the moose Glad Homer wasn't hurt. Is moose meat good?

I have also been wondering if you have indoor stairs yet? None of my business, but I wonder anyway. .

Stay warm.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

So glad Homer wasn't hurt during his encounter with the moose. He's very lucky. It doesn't always end that way.