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The White House

Friday, February 11, 2011

Q & A

Today I'll answer a couple questions...

Tink asked "Is it time to start plants yet?"  Yes, Tink it is.  Have I? No. I haven't even ordered my seeds yet.  Most of my time in invested in Elijah and school (you have no idea!) plus enjoying the good times with him. Then there are four other children who need my time, too.  It seems lately there has been more than one families share of drama/difficulties/disappointments (the three D's) so I haven't had time to focus on anything but children. Not a bad thing, but not good for plant growth!

Queen-Size Funny Bone wondered where Emily thought the mess (in the house) came from.  I'm pretty sure she thinks all the mess comes from everyone in the house, but her. :)

RottenMom wanted the potato salad recipe: Here is the link.  I don't want to get in "trouble" for "stealing".  I'm telling you, it was the best!!

Tink says, "A moose comes outta nowhere, damages your vehicle and someone else gets the meat?  That's a fact!  When you hit a moose (or in this case the moose hits you) you are required to call the Troopers.  They then respond, give you an accident form to fill out, toss out some flares and call a local charity to pick-up the meat.  The moose is considered State property so when you damage it they take over responsibility and give it to someone who "deserves" it. (If the moose doesn't die, the Troopers shoot it).  Here's an couple interesting articles about it:  here and here.

Gail wanted to know what kind of vitamins I take.  That's funny.  None.  I am not known to exercise, eat right or take care of my health which I am sure is going to catch up with me some day. Every time I think about changing my ways it seems I am too wrapped up in taking care of the other six people in this home.

Sue in Mexico Mo was wondering if moose meat was good.  Yes, it is, but it has a gamey taste compared to beef and many who didn't grow up eating it might not like it.  My kids don't care for moose, but as a kid it was all I ever ate. We really like caribou, too, but we haven't been hunting in years. We don't seem to have the time.

Sue also asked if I have inside stairs yet.  No, I do not.  The hole was started and we pass things back and forth in a bucket through it, but we still walk outside to get up and down.  This is our third year of it so it seems pretty normal now!  The finishing trim touches are going on in Emily's room and then maybe the stairs?  I don't know.... the chickens need nest boxes and my greenhouse has to be done by May 1.  So much to do, so little time.

Thank you for your concern for Homer.  He wasn't hurt at all, but you are right, he could have been.  Lucky for him, if getting hit by a moose is lucky,  it was a calf and on the passenger side.


sue in mexico mo said...

Thanks for all the answers! :-)

Maybe this is the year to do less gardening. I am going to cut back on my flower beds. Too much work, too little time. I can enjoy less, more. lol

I would probably have a ladder at that hole. Then I would probably fall down the ladder. . . .

Corey~living and loving said...

I was just thinking earlier this week, that it seemed like you would posting about planting all the seeds again. Man how time flies.

RottenMom said...

Oh! Thank you, Thank you! I plan to make the recipe this weekend. Sans the red onion, I am allergic to it.

I love your Q & A!

And about the eff yous on my post yesterday. I so understand. You are so entitled, let me tell you.