The White House

The White House

Sunday, January 30, 2011

When Everything Sucks My Kids Make It All Better

Wednesday night was a meatloaf night.  Dad loves his comfort food.

Candles for dinner should not be reserved for holidays. 
Oh, I should mention the kids had steak.  Meatloaf wasn't happening for them.  I gave some thought as to what I would say about that and I know many wouldn't agree.  Some people feel kids should eat whatever is "for dinner" and eat everything on their plate.  Not something I have ever bought into.  Kids are people, too, and they each have their own tastes.  What I make for Homer isn't what I make for the kids.  And sometimes the kids don't all have the same thing either.  I know it is more work, but we each have our own tastes.  I knew an adult once who wouldn't allow celery in the house because they didn't like the smell.  Kids are no different and I refuse to force them to eat something that they don't like. I also don't make them finish it all if they are full.  Sometimes we just give them to large of a portion.  That doesn't go without saying they aren't having a snack ten minutes later either. Full is full which is probably why I don't have any fat kids. (The boys were invited to dinner at a friend's).
Thursday was another basketball game.  This would be the "I'm big and I dare you to try and shoot that" stance.
Friday followed with another game. Elijah played excellent in this one.  I was so proud.  Somehow I didn't upload the photos of the other kids.  All four are right there with me cheering on their brother.  The Wee People color, play toys and eat too much candy.  Nick and Emily help me with photos and stats.  After the game Dad takes the little ones home and Emily likes to hang with me to help with the Varsity game. Nick hangs with friends.  We put in about five hours at the gym each night and have a lot of fun together.
Today, after a big sleep in, we cleaned.  Three years ago we moved the kitchen downstairs.  When we finally ripped out the cabinets upstairs we kept the junk drawer.  I should have just thrown the whole thing away.  I mean, if you haven't looked in it in three years is there really anything of importance?  Anyhow, Emily picked through and sorted the stuff.  Another bit of useless clutter gone.  I swear, I don't want anything new brought into this house unless it is shoes because, well,  you can never have enough shoes. :)
Olivia groomed Flower.  Oh, that guinea pig is a riot.  I hope we have her for a long time to come.  Lucas, in the back, is really okay.  I think he was play-acting a dying scene from who-knows-what.
Millie has been given her very own chair.  Will she lay in it?

Not when there is a big couch to spread out on.  Hard to believe she is only 7 months old.  What a big baby.
Tonight the girls and I were supposed to go get Valentine's and Lucas was going to Grandma's.  When we pulled in the yard Olivia jumped out of the car and said, "I'm staying here because I love Debbi".  Every single one of my kids have loved Grandma and she's been a blessing for the last 18 years to my family.

Our first stop was Sam's to get a phone charger (one for me, one for Nick's car) and check out new televisions for bedrooms.  Not that it is even close to being in the budget, but it doesn't hurt to look at them and dream.  Then we stopped for appetizers at Food Factory where Homer met us. 
Dad headed off to get chicken food before the feed store closed and Emily and I went to the "Mall".  Our sense of mall and your sense of mall differ by about a zillion stores I'm sure!  First, we stopped at a kiosk and Emily got a cover for her cellphone. Then we went to Claire's for earrings, but their debit machine wouldn't work so we saved money and left!  The mall closed at 7:00pm which I had forgotten since I rarely go there so we missed out on shoe shopping.  We hit Michael's for Valentine's stuff and then Petco for Flower food and Trixie food and a toy.  Em and I decided we could make more toys for the bird far cheaper so we only bought one.
Then Nick met up with us at Boston's for dinner.  Eating out is not something we do a lot of.  Life is too expensive, but once-in-awhile good conversation with some tasty food is just what the family needs. (Elijah was having dinner with a friend).
Emily and Nick shared a pizza.
Homer had his own with lots of good stuff on it.
I had a cajun broccoli pasta dish that was so good.  We have enough leftovers to get us through Sunday!
Isn't my girl such a princess? 
Emily had the brownie dessert and she said it was the best.  The guys waited to have pie at home.  I got the most wonderful summer berry pie at the dessert auction the Booster Club had at the basketball games.  I feel guilty as I got it for $7.  What a steal.  It is the best I've ever had!!  Some of those pies went for $45 so I really scored.  Now my husband says I have to find out who made it and get the recipe!!
It's been a great week.  Elijah had two friends over yesterday and Nick went to a dinner for the birthday of a friend.  It's been full, fun and I couldn't ask for a better family.  Tomorrow we'll be working on Emily's room.  Can't wait to get her moved in. 


Gail said...

It is great you have such a wonderful time with your family. They grow up fast so enjoy.

RottenMom said...

I feel exactly as you do about the food issue. I know it's sometimes a little more work to make sure that there is something for everyone to eat at dinner, but I do the same thing. It drives my mother insane. Growing up, we ate what was served and we had to clean our plate.

Emily is looks like she just has such a great time hanging out with you. What a pretty young lady.

I'm going to go clean out my junk drawer!!!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Sounds like you all had a great time hanging out together. What a wonderful day!! Here's to many more just like it!

Bethany said...

Sounds like a good day! If you could see the mall where my parents live, you'd probably laugh. We might have you beat- and half the stores are empty these days. The pizza looks yummy!

Patty said...

Your such a saint Gayle! I have never made the kids finish their plates or eat something they dont like, but I dont make two different dinners. If they don't like it, they get a peanut butter and jelly! But I have heard making kids clean their plate can cause anorexia and such things. So I am totally with you on that! Glad you guys got out to eat. I really like Bostons!

Tootie said...

I have to agree with you about the food. :) I could never make my girls eat food they didn't like either. I just asked them to try at least one bite of everything new. Otherwise, how would they know if they liked it or not. :)

It's so good to hear things are running smoothly at the White house right now and I hope it stays that way. You have sure had a barrel of fun lately! :)

Snowbird said...

My daughter's family sounds like yours when it comes to meals. Hubby is a vegetarian, she's not and the 3 kids all want something different than mom or dad or even each other. Meal time at their house is always an adventure!

Corey~living and loving said...

oooo good times! :) Love all the food pics. I'm hungry now. :) I think you are right on track with your thinking about kids and their eating. forcing kiddos to eat sure seems like a good way to give them eating issues.

glad to see that it was a great weekend. :) hope the rest of your week will be wonderful, too.

Diana (Di) said...

Gail, meat loaf, mashed potatoes and corn, now that's what I'm talking about! ;)

Your family is adorable and that basketball playing son of yours, better watch those girls trying to snag him. It looks like all is well in Alaska.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

sounds like everyone is good and doing their thing...