The White House

The White House

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Right Out of the Gate She Calls

They called.  I'm not even going to tell you about it because you'd never believe me.  Really.  I answered, I dealt, later I did my hour visit with teachers.  I am up for Sainthood. I'm sure of it.

Coming to this blog you will not find wonderfully taken photographs.  In fact, you will either find blurry because of a dirty camera or orbs from an old camera.  Could someone please drop my camera off to be cleaned? 

You will also not find the photos from the de-hoarding this weekend because I can't find the orb filled camera.  It is here. Somewhere.  Lost in the clutter.

What I can show you is Olivia making Valentine's Sunday night for the classmates she so dearly loves. There was also a photo of Emily doing the same, but blogger continues to load that photo as a big X so I give up.
 Here's their hard work. They gave each kid a school photo.  Fun!

 Both were very excited to share with us the Valentine's they received.  It's a feel good holiday for kids especially since there is the requirement to give a Valentine to everyone so no feelers are hurt.
I really wanted to show you the other photos.  Boring stuff, but my life none-the-less.  Maybe when I find the camera.


Gail said...

These photos were beautiful!

Stace said...

I love the valentines...such a cute idea. I wish I'd have thought of something...I just bought Lyli a box of store vday cards and let her go for it. Im such a slacker. camera is FILTHY...and it has an internal thingymabob that shakes to clean dust off the even with help I can't keep the damn thing clean! :P
I hope things are going better :)

Corey~living and loving said...

so curious who called. hmmmmm.....

love the Valentines they made. darling. The pictures on them make them so special. good thinking.

Tara said...

Those valentines are SO CUTE!!! What a great mommy you are, always thinking of ways to make things more personal. LOVE IT!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

The last time my daughter made her own Valentine's was in kindergarten. Now all the kids around here want is the latest licensed character on their cards and some candy. Too bad because I have great memories of making my own with paper doilies and glitter!!

RottenMom said...

That is just too cute that they put their picture on the valentines.

Thanks for sharing the love.

Janie said...

Valentine's Day is so fun for kids. Love the valentines Olivia made.