The White House

The White House

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random Stuff

Back to last Saturday.....Elijah has drawers full of stuff that he'd just as soon toss rather than waste time going through so I did it for him.  (Yes, stuff I tried to toss he kept...too funny).  What a random grouping.
A drawer full of Pokemon and YuGiOh cards.  He doesn't "play" with them, but he isn't ready to just toss them out.  There are still fantasies that they might be worth some money.  Emily and I decided if he's going to keep them then they at least have to go in the plastic pages I bought him five years ago!!
Five drawers that were full....five drawers empty and gone! :)
This was my helper until my nieces arrived.  Then the work was done!  Emily had her first sleepover in her new room while Homer and I visited with Tisha until after two in the morning!!  (Totally forgot to take photos of the girls having fun).  Olivia and Lucas spent the night at Grandma's so they wouldn't be in their sister's hair.
That brings me back to Friday (yesterday).  It only took Em a couple days to make a disaster out of her room.  She isn't here until next week so I cleaned and set more things up for her.  (We were supposed to do it during the week she was here, but she ended up getting sick).

It also didn't take Elijah long to make a mess of his room, too.  They were all at school so it was easy for me to buzz through and tidy.

And the next room wasn't any different.  (I didn't expect it would be!).

I have a six-year old who can come home from school and can cook her own snack.  (She's pretty proud of herself!).
This was hockey week and yesterday was "Wear A Jersey to School" Day.  I got tears in my eyes when I put this jersey on Olivia.  This is the jersey Nick wore when he was 5 or 6...I'd have to go back and look.  I remember the coach, the teammates and how much fun he had.  He and I spent a lot of hours at the rink together over the years.  What a pleasure being such a integral part of his life....I never missed a thing. Now we can sit down and tell stories and never run out!  I guessed Emily wouldn't have a jersey so I brought her one from Nick's older years.  She was so happy I remembered her that I got two big hugs out of the deal. 

Last night Homer and I went up and put Nick's shelves on the wall.  We'll need to make a third one as he still has more shot glasses.  He hasn't been to all these places...many were given to him by Granma, Papa and Cody when they travelled across the US a few years ago.  Others Homer or Elijah brought him from their travels, and the rest are from places he and I have been.  Another group of stories to share with each other.

This was done at Universal Studios.  All three of the older kids have them.  I think this makes him look a little like Mick Jagger.  What do you think?
My oh-so-awesome boys shovelled the stairs and sidewalk so I wouldn't fall.  I clean their rooms and they take care of their Mama.  It's a perfect trade-off if you ask me.

Today, I've finally started some planting.  I'm about two weeks behind.  Life has kept me busy and I just kind of forgot about it.  Time to get moving.  I'll be sharing what we did today later.....Happy Weekend!!


Janie said...

The kids rooms are looking so good - especially after you've gone through neatening things up!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

You are one busy mama. And you're not the only one who cleans their kids room.

Patty said...

Love Nick's Universay picture. It really looks like him!