The White House

The White House

Monday, February 21, 2011

Life Is Good

Friday I spent part of the day working on another area of the house. Construction is a lot of work!! This was the dining room when we purchased our home. It will be my craft room. To the right will be the stairs down and on the other side of that will be Elijah's new room (twice the size of the one he has now). I needed to move/get rid of/store all the stuff here so it's out of Homer's way.

Totes of fabric that will eventually fill my craft room.
This is across from the old dining was the living room. Emily's stuff was in the corner...the desk is on it's way down the hall...and the rest is toys that I'm tossing in totes to be gone through later. All the craft stuff will be stored here until my room is done. Eventually this area will be built into the 6th and final bedroom.

I get pretty sentimental boxing stuff up. Nick and Elijah must each have 50 medals from a huge variety of sports. These belong to Nick and he doesn't want to display them anymore. I can say that I was there to watch him win them all. So many great memories....
Lots of trophies, too. I have to get some long, flat totes to store these.
Nick was in Cub Scouts and I was very involved. I was the "secretary" to our Pack Leader making sure he had an agenda all written out. He's a local DJ so I just made sure he had material to do his thing. I was also the awards person. I kept track of and passed out awards to about 40-50 scouts. I even organized and ran a camping trip for 75-100 people that was a blast!! I can say I was there helping this kid earn each and every one of these. I miss those days. (Elijah was a Scout, too, for a couple years and I was the Leader of that Den!!).

I took the flowers out of the press that the girls and I collected last summer. Now we have two summer's worth to make crafts with!
It's all clean. The shelf on the right is moved. I am painting it white to put in Emily's room to hold her TV (someday). The broken skateboards Nick has been collecting and we will make them into a bench. The plants will stay there until construction time because the sun is on that side of the house. (I forgot to photograph the other side; I'll share it tomorrow.)

Miss Olivia helped me plant Geranium seeds. I have started a new blog about my gardening so I'll share the stuff I do with the kids here and over there I'll give a lot more detail if you are interested in gardening. You can see it here. I'm trying out the paper towel/baggie method of germination this year. We'll see how it goes.

Two treats in one day! My dear husband brought home the new chicken catalog from the post office and he bought me a seed starting pamphlet at the feed story. I'm such a lucky girl (and so loved!).
I realize recycling is good for the earth, but man what a mess and pain!! In one week I have on heck of a pile of paper, cardboard, glass, tin and plastic. I definitely have to set up a bin system somewhere other than my kitchen!!
The best news of the day? My little girl finally let loose of that nasty front tooth. I've never had a child hang on to them like she does!

We've gotten several inches of snow the last two days. The boys have been taking care of the shovelling for their mom. Such great kids. Elijah has gotten in quite a bit of snow machine riding. Nick hit up a couple of music events with friends. So far it's been a great start to four days off!! (Parent teacher conferences Monday and Tuesday). Should be but a couple more days and any mess/clutter will be taken care of and we'll be back to building. (Oh, for those wondering...we are doing Elijah's new room next. To do the stairs we have to move the stove so we decided to wait a couple months when it is warm and all cooking can be done on the BBQ. That will make life a lot less hectic). Here's to some really great progress and a clean uncluttered house!! :)

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Progress on every front! Sounding great.