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The White House

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just Another Monday. Or Day.

Just another Monday.....

How are things in your parenting world?  Or how were they when your kids were young?  My day?.....let me tell you.

One kid up at 5:00am for 6:00am weight lifting.
Another up at 6:20AM to catch the bus.
Another up at 7:30AM to catch the bus.
Another up at 9:30AM to be driven to school.  At -30* below zero.
Go to high school to witness 200 wound up teenagers cheering on two kids fighting inside the doors. 
Watch the police wrestle with a kid.
Take measures to make sure 4-year old doesn't get hurt in the scuffle.
Have hour meeting with counselor to make class changes.
Find child to talk about changes.
Home for two hours to clean house and feed youngest.
Back to school at thirty god-damn below zero to talk to new teachers/administration. For an hour.
Home to meet girls on the bus.
Talk about their day.
Feed kids.
One hour of homework with daughter.
Ten minutes with second daughter.
Two hours of homework with son.
Eat dinner.
Look at Valentines.
Get a Valentine.
Sit down to watch a movie.
Phone interruption.
Son has wrecked his friends car. His fault.
Wonderful husband/father picks up son.
Thankful he isn't hurt. 
Wonder how much this is going to cost to those legally responsible for said child?
Still a little freaked out about accident, but time to put everyone to bed.
Two kids have a sore throat.  Niece who spent the night Saturday night has confirmed strep throat. 
Tucks them in hoping kisses will make it all better by morning.
Suspect morning will bring doctor appointments.

Sitting here wondering what Tuesday will bring 'cause this is the story of my life. And it all starts at 5:00AM.

Also wondering which God I pissed off and would like to know how to make it right to end the string of bad luck. Suggestions welcomed.


RottenMom said...

Oh no.
Your family is having such a string of bad luck with the car/truck accidents. I'm glad he is okay.

I'm exhausted reading your schedule.
Spring is coming, hang in there.

Gail said...

You are a strong woman!

I am confident you will handle it well, as you seem to have a great talent in parenting.

Good luck.

gpc said...

Hoo boy, I can relate to some of your story. The years when my kids were young -- and I only had two -- went by in a similar blur, with too many trips to the ER and the schools and the police to count. ALL of those trips involved only one of the two kids, and I still feel guilty at how little energy I had for the child that wasn't a problem. Many of the stresses with the one child (now in her 30s) still pop up from time to time, but they did grow up, my life did settle down. Still, I've always told people that I am not one of god's favorites, and no one who knows my life even tries to convince me otherwise, lol. Hang in there.

Lori Skoog said...

Enough! Wow! Hasn't your son already been in an accident? Hope it was not serious. What a year....
You have more going on in your life than any three families. I would be in a funk. Hope spring comes early for you.

blondevue... said...

Good thing you have humor to help you laugh and love these days. Sounds like your husband is great considering the accident etc last night. Go you for being so active with your kids and their school and lives. Really glad your son is ok, hope that today you get to relax a little and if not that you continue to enjoy your family!
Sending some warmth your way! Sounds like Alaska could use it!

Tara said...

He loves you. So do I. HUGS! And HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Even though I'm a day late...It's been a busy couple days here, too.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my goodness, Gayle...what a day you had. I'm so sorry for that. :( I wrecked my truck yesterday. I'm okay though, just sore.