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The White House

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Can Do A Lot In One Day (even if i don't want to)

Dig in the snow, haul, split, stack, burn just to do it all again.  This morning I put the last log on the fire and had to find the ambition to go out and get some more in the cold.  I so dislike being cold.  Yes, I could have the boys help, but with basketball they don't get home until 6:30.  By the time they shower and eat it's almost 8:00pm.  It's dark and they are tired so I just buck up and do it during the day.  Maybe this weekend I can get a few sticks out of them.
Yep, there's some of the wood under the snow and ice we got from the freezing rains.  I know this should have been taken care of in the fall, but it wasn't so no sense pissing and moaning about it now.
The sun looks so pretty on the frosted trees.  I wish that darn mountain wasn't in my way and that sun would reach my yard and house.  Homer said he could jack my house up if I'd like. :)
Hauling a few logs on this flimsy little sled is frustrating to say the least.  Most of the time it all doesn't make it to the house. 
There's the tree that broke under the weight of ice during our rain storm.  So glad it didn't take out my power line.
Finally got some ready to burn and cleaned this room.  I had to wait for the last bit to dry before I could sweep it up.  Spent too many hours on this project, but at least it's warm and tidy.
Lucas was my little helper today vacuuming.  He spent at least an hour going all over the house.  Even unhooked the attachment and got under the edge of the couch.  Too cute.  I'll have to use him more as I know full well the enjoyment he's getting will fade and he will soon consider it work he doesn't want to do.

Emily was busy reading by the fire.  Two sick days has put her behind.
Olivia is tormenting Roxie.  Roxie would just as soon be left alone, but as long as they don't hurt her she's just going to have to deal with the attention.

Not on the To-Do list, but it had to be done.  Finally potted the $1 plants I got from Lowe's.  Not that I have a window to really put them in, but I'll try to keep them alive.  Cleaned the mat in the background, too.  It had markers and papers from one end to the other from my creative little girls.
Some decorations.

Had a big salad with ham, bacon, tomatoes, etc. waiting for dad when he got home.  The kids ate up the leftover tacos.

You'll notice my new weekly to-do list on the side bar.  I thought maybe if I wrote it down it would make me more accountable. I am surprised how much I fit into one day and I'm really tired.  Spent about 3 hours on Elijah's homework (getting it ready and then doing it with him).  I'll be glad when we reach the end of the quarter and the stress is lifted.  Sure hope the hard work pays off.

I have an insane amount of things that have to be done.  I usually don't worry.... if I get to it, I get to it, but these are a must so no putting it off.  Got the website secured and I'm ready to roll with it.  Meeting tomorrow to work out program details.  I'm not much of a meeting person.  In fact, I'm kind of a hermit now.  I was so social in my younger days, but now I just prefer to work alone behind the scenes.  Really, I can do whatever you want just don't make me go to town...send me an email.

Nick made it safely to Anchorage (360 miles by bus) and is staying at a very fancy hotel.  Lucky kid.  Tomorrow at 8:00am the speeches begin and they'll be on the road back home sometime in the afternoon.  I hope he does well. (His government class won a local competition and now they are competing at state. I'd like to say he's really into this, but he's not.  Just a class requirement and a free trip).

Olivia was less than cooperative with the ABC book.  She got hung up on drawing a rabbit.  She decided she couldn't do it "right" so she wouldn't do anything.  We put it away and will try tomorrow.

Another  big day tomorrow so I should get some sleep.  Night!

Oh, and the worms.  The are all dead.  I kept them in the grow room all summer and they did great.  It never once entered my mind that when it got really cold and the wood stove was crankin' it would be dry.  Add to that the fact that their bucket was sitting on a HEATED SLAB and they were baked to a brick.  I am devastated.  I wanted the worm casing for this summer to see if they really are better.  I found 1000 worms on the internet for about $30.  Did you know that under optimal conditions 1000 worms will turn into 46,000 worms in one month?  Who knew?  Now I am trying to decide if I want to do the red worms like I had or do earth worms and release half onto my lawn.  I know they will freeze come winter, but during the summer they will tunnel, aerate and fertilize the lawn.  I don't think we have enough scraps to do both.  And honestly, I can't believe I am so into worms.


FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ It's no wonder you are tired at night, after doing all that you do. I am so sorry to hear about your worms.

Have a nice day today.


Bonnie said...

First ewwwwww on the worms. Do you not have worms naturally in your soil? Or is this a composting thing.

On the Canadian prairies I can go out to my garden or anywhere for that matter and dig and I'll find worms....again...ewwww.

Yes we Moms do alot in a day but I do love my to do lists. I do panic and would like to change that so I have been taking DEEP breaths this year during the holidays. If it gets done great if not so be it. My children and husband are my first priority and I wont go overboard trying to please everybody else.

Take care

Stace said...

Good lord woman! I don't know how you fit everything into one day! Make sure you get enough rest and take care of yourself so you don't get sick!!
Did you try re-hydrating the worms? I ask because I didn't feed/water my worms for an entire winter/spring and thought they were all dead...until I added some water and newspaper (I was going to harvest the casting and then get the bin ready for more worms) and the worms came back. There must have been just enough left to make a comeback.

blondevue... said...

Way to go on everything you got done! And that to-do list is sweet!! I might get more done on my list if I put it on my blog :D
Have a great day!

Janie said...

I have hauled wood on a plastic sled just like yours. Alas, it didn't work all that well. More than a couple of pieces of wood would fall right off.
Your Christmas decorations are looking good!

Lisa L said...

dear god, woman. i bow to your awesomeness. how do you do it? swear to god...i thought i had it tough.. but compared to you? i am the epitomy of wimp. that would be...'wimp at it's worst'. i hope you have moments of rest and peace..although i don't think you have enough hours in your day for rest...