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The White House

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm A Little Sleepy Today

There is something to be said for a good nights rest. I haven't been getting that.   I go bed around 1:30am, up at 6:00am, lay down again at 6:50, up again at 7:30, lay down again at 8:10am, up again at 9:30am to go all day until 1 or 2 am.  If Elijah didn't have so much homework  I wouldn't be up so late correcting and reading ahead to help more week...we can do it!  It would also be helpful if my children all went to school at the same time.  Elijah is always up at 6:10am, Emily at 7:30am and Olivia at 9:30am, but Nick has four up times... 7:50am, 8:15am, 7:30am and 7:00am depending on the day.  My off-to-school time drags on from 6:10am to 11:00am (which is what time Lucas and I get home after driving Olivia to school).  Five hours of my day without a lot getting done.

I mixed up some of the candy yesterday.  Not that it's rolled or dipped or anything like that, but at least I'm working on it.

It was -13 when I went out to feed the animals.  The cold temperatures plus lack of sleep has me chilled to the bone.  I cannot warm up.  I need to put on some long johns and a few more layers.  Not sure why I'm huddling miserable all day and just not doing it.
Stupid sled.  Dumped the straw and food.  Ended up just packing the bale over to the pen.  I really need something better, but that would involve shopping.  Shopping during the holidays at -15 is torture.  I'll just pack the straw.
It was getting dark on me.  For instance, today sunrise was at 10:42am and sunset will be at 2:46pm.  There's a little dusk on each end of that, but for the most part it is just really really dark.

I think Daisy was happy to see me.  She's kind of hard to read.  I know she needs a companion and I do feel bad, but it just didn't work out this summer/fall.  Hopefully, next summer we can find her some company.
She really isn't that fat.  It must be 5 inches from the outside of the wool to her skin.  The cold doesn't seem to bother her a bit.  FYI for those of you who don't have a pet sheep.  Their pee stinks.
I did fill her hut with straw and fluffed up some hay.  This morning I can see where she was in
 and out in and out so now a lot of that straw is out. 

The chickens and my pretty girl turkey were happy to see me.  They had run out of water.  I swear they are drinking more now than they did in the summer, but I added 4 of the 5 gallons to the waterer so now it should make it from day to day. I want to shovel out the sawdust and add new.  It doesn't really stink right now, but the point is to keep it from stinking. 

Lucas and I met with the booster club president at a coffee shop.  So not something that I do.  After years of public stuff, I avoid it most of the time now.  It was an odd feeling sitting among all those coffee-drinking laptop-packing preppies.  So not me.  Or Lucas.

At 8:30pm last night Elijah remembered he needed to dress up today for basketball.  His dress slacks are high waters.  It's a good thing he has me.   I can hear it now: "You should have thought of that sooner.  It's too cold out. It's too late. I have to get my sleep."  Not words that come from my mouth, but definitely words we've heard before.  He's a kid and I'm his parent.  We do things late at night in the cold even when we don't want to.

Same with picking up Nick.  Left here at 11:45pm to meet his bus at the school.  Then he asked if I could give this kid a ride who was stranded because his sister got called into work and couldn't pick him up.  Of course, I could. What kind of person would leave a kid stranded at -20 below? Don't answer that. We didn't get home until 12:35am. Then I corrected math for another hour. *sigh*  These are the things I've been doing for 18 years.  And will keep doing.  Parenting is the most rewarding sacrifice in the world.  Not like giving up sweets.  That's not a rewarding sacrifice.  That just sucks. 

I am taking photos of two basketball teams today.  I hope it goes smoothly.  I AM NOT a professional.  I only shoot on auto and sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are bad.  I'm hoping it works out.  I'll be spending all day and night putting photos, schedules and stuff on the website and then I'll share the link with all of you.  (You can help make my visitor counter go up! :)

Okay, now to go find some long johns......


RottenMom said...

You are amazing.

Gail said...

When will you get your super mom trophy?? I bet they are secretly working on it right now.

You are amazing, you make me tired just reading and I live on a farm.

Stay warm and sweet dreams, tonight's your night.

Lisa L said...

your kids are lucky (blessed!) to have a mama like you.

blondevue... said...

You are pretty awesome! I have a awesome Mom so I know what they look like, and you're one of them :)