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The White House

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Found the Long Johns and I'm Still Freezing

What a day!  First of all I was tired.  You know, sand in the eyes tired which is why it makes perfect sense that I would still be up at 1:30am without a good reason.  I'm like a little kid fighting bedtime.

Got the kiddos to school and can't really tell you what I did that was super productive in my home.  *blah*

This afternoon I went and took photos of 24 basketball players (one guy needed a jersey so I'll get him tomorrow).  My son, my darling son who loves to give me grief, was the only uncooperative child there.  Note the hiked up under his chin shorts just to piss his mom off stance.  Arrrggg! Never-the-less I am very proud to see my son in his first ever high school jersey (even if they didn't have his number). I hope he gets to wear it for a long time to come.

So other than the photo shoot which I was disappointed in I have nothing else to offer.  Forgot to take any other photos.  I am so not a professional and the profile photos make me nervous.  It involves interaction.  After so many years being so "public" the last two years I've been very much a hermit.  I hate my close-up lens as it doesn't have the "anti-shake" or whatever it is called that my telephoto lens does so many of the photos were crap.  I'm old and shaky and being uncomfortable didn't help. Plus, I got all these jacked up shadows that I now have to spend hours erasing.  I should have practiced before I did this.  Oh, well.  I tend to take decent shots of the game.  Not the best, but decent.  It's something I can go stand in the corner and do without interacting with people.  Somewhere I lost that skill and now I just say stupid stuff. 

Do you go to Walmart?  Oh, how I wish I hadn't.  What a freakin' zoo. As I stood in line for EVER I watched people.  You know, there were dozens and dozens of people around me and I didn't know a single one. And Walmart shoppers are an odd breed. For a moment I thought I was in the back woods of Kentucky.  (No offense to those that live in the back woods of Kentucky, but geez).  I did score about eight pairs of pajamas for Olivia and Lucas (who were in desperate need) for dirt cheap.  Nothing is ever dirt cheap in Fairbanks.  They are the same make, same style, different logos, but the girls ones were on clearance for $2.50 and the boy's were $4.00.  That's practically free compared to $20 each, but why the price difference?  Something to ponder.  Or not.

When I got home I stuck my face in the computer for hours obsessing over the website.  Do you realize how many options for colors and backgrounds, fonts, flash text, etc. there are?  I must have changed things a hundred times.  Now I'm waiting for all the Internet Releases (that I found out I don't really have to have, but it makes me feel better) and then I'll put up the player photos.  Oh, and the schedule when I get an official one.  Anyhow, I got something going and I can't wait to have game photos.  I do this for the kids, you know.

Tomorrow is our first game.  Go Wolfpack!!  Now go check them out... West Valley Boys Basketball.


Gail said...

If this photo is any indication of your shoot in its whole, you did good!

gpc said...

The team photo and the shot of your son look great!

anymommy said...

Go Wolfpack! Of course you do it for the kids, you crazy woman. Wishing you (and me) a good night's sleep.