The White House

The White House

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Lot Going On

Are daughters wonderful?  Don't they look so cute with their long hair?  Do you have any idea how hard it is and how much work it takes to have it look like this? And she refuses to cut it.
This...this dog is going to be one of the best dogs I have ever owned.  (No one will top Molly).  Oh, but what a lot of work a big 5 month old puppy can be.  I'm actually looking forward to her being a bit more grown up.
We had the best dinner the other night.  Not because the steak was good, but because the conversation was fun.  Nick and Elijah had Homer and I laughing so hard.  It was the best.
Oh, wait, earlier in the day...somewhere between my wood gathering expedition and Elijah's endless homework, Lucas and I made jello Nascars. And I let him do it.  Allowing sticky mess to be made and not caring is uplifting for me. I need to do it more.

Olivia made a Christmas chain...stole the idea from Lucy because frankly, my brain is over-loaded right now to come up with this stuff on my own.

We had so much fun at dinner it naturally spilled over to the mat.  This family night ranked right up there at the top.

Look at Nick laugh.  Happy kids are the best kids.

See all five?  Olivia is right behind Dad.  I wish we had a dozen.  Or two.  The more kids, the more fun.

This is a badly taken photo, but it expresses so much.  Nick is a natural.  He will be an awesome dad.  Elijah lacks patience and compassion.  He has a hard time letting loose.  Lucas has been the best thing to happen to him.  Elijah has learned so much about giving to others and is becoming a great big brother.
See Emily-Lou-Whoo.  She's been home sick with a sore throat and headache.  She just watched, but I'm sure she'll be tumbling next time.
Yep, they pulled the "rug" out from under him.  That's brother's for you.
It's been a bit crazy around here.  All that ugly court stuff we decided to just push out of our conversations until the time actually comes.  We are instead focusing on the end of the quarter.  Elijah is working hard to get his grades up. He made the high school JV basketball team and now he's trying to stay eligible.  Say a prayer for the kid.  He really needs this team in his life right now. And for me.  I'm helping him every second I can...which is really hours and hours.  *sigh* Nick is off tomorrow to Anchorage for a Social Studies speech competition.  His class got second place in our city competition and now they are going to state. Elijah's first high school game is this weekend.  I volunteered to do the website (which I'll direct you to in a few days) plus make the programs.  Like I have nothing else to do. (Why can't I just keep my mouth shut when they are asking for volunteers out of 50 families?) Emily and I bought stuff for Christmas candy, but she's been sick so it sits and waits.  I have not even given a thought to those Christmas cards.  Nick has to have his cap and gown order in on Friday and we haven't even looked at it. We need to print the photos I took and he wants me to save money and make his invitations. Oh, and the grad night party. Ug!  Graduation is a year long planning process.  Why does it have to be so intensive?  With all that is going on Christmas will be non-existent this year, but it's okay.  My kids are cool with that. I still have that pigeon.  It's -22 in town so I can't really let it loose, but I really am ready to not be cleaning the cage daily.  Wondering if I should clip it's wings and make it more tame or just set it free.  Anyone with pigeon knowledge out there?  I should do some laundry.  About eight impatiens died from lack of water.  The chicken coop needs cleaned.  I need more wood.  The list is long....but I'll make it through it.
  I have my kids and they keep me breathing every day.


Gail said...

What delightful family you have!

Tara said...

So much fun, YAY! And I'd have a dozen now if we could, too. ;)

sue in mexico mo said...

You have a lot going on! Sounds like you are enjoying the family activities. Your list is long. . . Get those kids to help.

RottenMom said...

We always wanted a bunch of kids too. We went through years of Infertility problems and finally ended up with 3 pretty terrific kids. I love that you are so chill about the mat in the living room, your couch pillows being used to bounce off of and especially the sticky mess from the Nascar jello.
I love the picture of Lucas with the end result of his work. Gosh that kid is so adorable!

Patty said...

You volunteer because you love it, and because no one else will do as good as a job as you will! And if you don't do it, you will worry about the job the other person will do! I know this, because I AM THE SAME WAY!

Great pictures!

Tink *~*~* said...

Looks like piles and tons of fun going on at The White House :) Stay warm!


Janie said...

Looks like the family had a great time on the mat!

Bethany said...

Your family is a lot of fun, it seems :) Olivia does have very long hair! Those jello molds are very cute!