The White House

The White House

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Snow Softly Falls

I helped Lucas make his own breakfast this morning.  He loves to be in the kitchen.
I worked outside today. I emptied my ash buckets onto the frozen compost pile. 

Did my chores as usual and then raked in Daisy's pen a bit.  Normally I don't even try to do anything with it until Spring, but without fresh snow it was looking a bit shabby.

My hands were hurting last night and my knee this morning.  I knew snow was on its way.  Look at the sky.  So foggy.  Sure enough the snow started and came quietly down all day.

Tonight Em and I went to town.  We hit the video store to reserve a new game for the boys being released on Tuesday, then we went to the book store and did some Christmas shopping, then another stop to get some Christmas lights and the last place was the craft store for paint.  We sat right down in the aisle and found the twenty different colors we needed.
When we got home Nick had Olivia and Lucas in the tub for me.  I finished up and then it was time for a little Wii before bed.  Ug!  If Lucas and Elijah aren't two peas in a pod.  When it's going good it is great; when it isn't there is crying (or yelling for Elijah), stomping and quitting.  You just have to laugh.  They have a ten year age difference and different fathers so obviously their "issues" must have something to do with me an unknown alien that has invaded their bodies. 

Tonight I delivered cookies to a place many might not, but for me, it's okay.  Lastly, I wanted to show you the hot pads Debbi crocheted me for my birthday.  Aren't they beautiful.  The one on the right is double with twists in the middle to make a star.  I don't even get how she did it! 

On a side note: I totally hate the new and improved way of posting.  I'm not one who does change well and I am struggling.  Photos move wherever they want, spacing does what it wants...I'm really frustrated.  This is enough to end blogging for me.  All the struggles took the enjoyment out of it!


FlowerLady said...

Those are lovely pictures of the gently falling snow. It would be too cold for me though. It sounds like you got a lot accomplished for the day in spite of the cold. Love the picture at the craft store.

I don't know what you mean about the blogging problems. I kept my old template and so far things seem to be the same, although, I've not posted anything in a couple of days. I'll let you know if I have problems too.

Have a lovely day Gayle.


Lori Skoog said...

Gayle...when posting, make sure the cursor is below the picture you have just posted. That will keep them in order. Also, you can move them by holding the cursor on the photo and dragging it. The part that I like about it, is that I can insert pictures in between what I have already posted whenever I want. It just takes getting used to. Do the chickens go in that beautiful chicken house now?

Stace said...

Even though I'm dreading snow, those pictures make me kind of look forward to it...I love that kind of's so quiet.
Your brahmas are beautiful, mine had more black on them...but i really like how white yours are. :)

RottenMom said...

Gosh that Lucas is adorable!

I'm still using the old blogger template, I so hate change! Not to mention, I am not very computer savvy. But please, I beg of you DO NOT GIVE UP BLOGGING! I need my fix from one of my very favorite bloggers!

Oh, and it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention on every single one of my comments, Thanks for the picture of Daisy! LOL Are you sick of me saying that yet?

Janie said...

Lucas is so cute eating his breakfast. And it's funny how kids, no matter the age, love their video games.

Tootie said...

I didn't like the new editor either Gayle, but I've gotten used to it now and it's ok. I still have an issue now and then, but I think it helps get things done faster. Hang in there, it gets better. :)

I think you should just put a twin bed in the chick house, a night stand and lamp and whoever doesn't want to keep their room clean or whatever, gets sent out there until they can do what they are supposed to. Ha,ha! JK of course! The chickens will get too cold! :)

Your frozen trees look beautiful, but it looks soooo cold there. I think you need to get a way to FL for a while. Come on down! :)