The White House

The White House

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Homer has the plywood and trim up in the Chicken Coop aka Poultry Palace aka Sanity Shack (more to come) so last night I put up the first coat of primer.

I even had a helper for a little while.  Yes, the coop has a furnace and we were toasty warm!

One coat down, one to go and then on to the paint. This really is a bit nice for chickens.  There are rental cabins that aren't built as nicely as this.  I would love to have this for a woodworking shop!  Those chickens will be livin' the life!

Want to know why the cookie count went up by 3 dozen today?


Rob said...

They should give you some good eggs with a house like that to live in!

Stace said...

I think I can hear my chickens packing their bags and heading to your place....that is going to be one super nice chicken palace!

Janie said...

Your hens are some lucky ladies!

Tink *~*~* said...

If it wasn't so cold up there in general, I'd move in! Did I ever tell you that I used to live in a chicken coop? Two of 'em, actually. Someday I will write a memoir...


Diana (Di) said...

Gayle, I wish I were your neighbor! I want chickens but my hubby says he is the only animal I'm permitted. ;)

By the way, the photos of the previous post, trees and winter coming, are quite stunning. But you keep that snow, ya here? ;)