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The White House

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today I Was Boring. I Like It.

Tonight I am going to succeed at being really boring. That's a good thing.

I was in an outstanding mood today. Spent my day picking up one thing after another while chatting with Lukey all in my pajamas. It was awesome!

Here are the meat sticks I made yesterday. It took 2lbs of hamburger, a lot of time and a bunch of clean-up to get this little bit. No wonder they charge so much for jerky in the store. It's pretty tasty though. Today I was going to make jerky from some steak, but first I froze it too much to cut. Then I thawed it too much. Evenings are too busy with everyone home so I'll try again in the morning when I'm not so distracted.

Part of my cleaning is taking care of my "stuff". I have a lot of "stuff" that falls into a lot of categories. This is a shawl I started over two years ago that keeps getting pushed aside. I never liked the design... it was more like a wide scarf than a shawl so I just ripped the darn thing out. It felt pretty good to deal with it and even though I tore out a lot of work I'd done sometimes it is about the process and not the final product. Or so I'm telling myself. I'll find a new shawl pattern for this yarn.

You would not believe the level of frustration Rusty brings to me. I despise male dogs. With a passion. He still continues to mark everywhere in my house if he is left loose. If he has on his "diaper" he'll go in it. Today I put a bandanna around him really tight and he just waited until it moved around and then lifted his leg on one of my yarn bags. And the broom. He is so damn frustrating. I am going to have to give up on him roaming free and lounging on the couch like a normal dog. I think I'll get him a playpen. He can still be out with the family, but contained.

Millie is doing awesome. Well, except for wanting to chew everything, but I just keep a good eye on her.

(Sorry for the bad photo Emily), but I wanted to show you what goes on in our house for hours after school. These girls draw and write and paste and color and make books. They chit and chat and make all kinds of interesting things. Beats the heck out of sitting in front of the television.

Tonight's dinner was chicken on pasta topped with mozzarella. It was really good.

Did I do anything else? Just went through more stuff and filled three more trash bags. Got a bunch of laundry done. Stayed home from the boys' basketball game tonight and from what I understand it was horrible reffing. Both boys fouled out and our coach got so mad he threw his gum at the ref. All I can do is laugh at the visual of a grown man behaving like that. Yelling, punching the wall, kicking a garbage can, attempting to throw a water bottle at the back of the refs head while being tackled by the team manager.... I've seen all that over the years, but never gum throwing. I may just have to go to the next game for the side show.


Jose Juan said...

Congratulations for the Blog! Is very interesting and all very good. Greetings from Mallorca

Gail said...

Wow, the things you've done! I would be tickled with that.

I, too, have a dislike of male dogs but have never had the marking problem. Is he altered? Is he crate trained? I find that works best.

Bonnie said...

OH man how I love lazy days. I have been itching at crafting in some way but never seem to find the time!

Our dog of 12 years passed away yesterday, I found him lastnight. So we are in mourning over here.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Your meat sticks look yummy!! Never heard of a recipe for them using hamburger. Are they spicy? Your dinner looks great too!!

Good luck with Rusty. I'll bet that really is frustrating!!

Janie said...

So nice that your girls work together on their writing, coloring and crafts after school. I agree, so much better than TV.