The White House

The White House

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Missing A Pigeon?

Tonight I will go with the recap of the day 'cause you know every day at the White House is special!

*got four kids off to school even with a 40 minute late bus due to crappy roads and new driver.

*ran screaming like a wild banshee across the yard to chase off a raven who was coming back for the main course. Damn bird.

*completed 3 loads of laundry. Didn't I do a whole bunch yesterday? Where does this stuff come from?

*cleaned the kitchen/living room.

* made a warm fire and sat by it for just a minute. Or two.

*baked brownies with Lucas. They are all gone. It wasn't me.

*took the girls out of school early for Emily's hair appointment.

*can't find the camera with the shot of Emily's hair cut. So irritating.

*made steak and stuff for dinner. Sat all seven of us at the table at once. Miracles do happen around here now and then.

*caught a freezing pigeon and brought in the house.

*bathed Olivia and Lucas.

*stayed home while Dad went to watch the boys play ball. They won by 1 point. Elijah made 21 of the 43 points. Nick said he had a bad game. I say any game you get to play is good. I hated missing it.

Oh... did you catch that part about the pigeon? Here she is. Or he is.

Nick went outside ~to go upstairs~ came back in for the camera saying something about a bird on Homer's truck.

See the fluffed up feathers? The bird is cold. It flew up on the roof of the trailer when I went to get some food. I then poured chicken feed onto the wood pile and it flew right down. I was able to reach my hand within three inches of it, but wasn't quick enough to grab it. With a little ingenuity on Homer's part.... he stretched a hockey net between two hockey sticks... we caught the bird. It obviously had to be a pet that got away or was tossed out to let us get that close. In 20 years of living on Chena Ridge I have never seen a pigeon in this area.

After we caught it Homer got one of the dog kennels set up. I moved it by the fire and it is one happy bird.

Very healthy looking.

Showing me her best side! :)

Not sure what to do, but I do know I'm not letting it loose to freeze to death. We have pigeons in town, but they live all winter near the exhaust fans of buildings down town. Out here in the middle of nowhere this bird would die. I'll probably trim the wings and put it in with the chickens. I will wait to see if anyone is looking for their pet first....

*see we are always interesting. Or odd.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

That bird was way off track if he/she was supposed to fly south! Very lucky he/she ended up in your!

FlowerLady said...

Another full day for you with a pigeon rescue thrown in. Bless you guys for rescuing it and bringing it indoors where it looks perfectly content.

Have a lovely day Gayle.


Gail said...

What do you do in your spare time?!

Stace said...

wow...a pigeon! We have them here, but our winters are milder than yours so they do OK living in old barns and under highway bridges....very cool that you could catch it and bring it inside. She's very pretty :)

I hope you can get rid of that raven...we've had a hawk fly over a few times...and an owl..but never a raven. And none of them have ever bothered *knock on wood* my birds. Although at this point getting rid of a few birds would probably be a good thing lol...I have WAY too many.

Lori Skoog said...

I liked the part about taking a couple of minutes to be by the fire...could you just extend that period of time? The pigeon is beautiful....once it knows where the food is, it will probably be happy to stick around. You guys were very clever in the way you caught it. You have more snow than I thought!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh, I'm SO GLAD she found you :-D

Janie said...

I'm glad you were around to rescue the pigeon. She's a pretty bird. Hope she gets along well with the chickens.