The White House

The White House

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Day, More Drama

Finally found my camera. In the corner pocket of the pool table. Pretty sure I didn't put it there.

Emily got a haircut yesterday. Some long bangs and layers. She'll go back next week for iron removal and some brown coloring underneath and on the sides. That's cause every 11 year old should spend that kind of money on their hair. Did I mention I'm an idiot? (And I totally don't know what is up with the Paris Hilton pout face, but we're working on it).

Again, why do I have a pigeon? Oh, ya, it was freezing. It really loves when I crank up the wood stove.

I had to laugh at the kids watching Rugrats Gone Wild. Nick loved the Rugrats when he was little and I'm pretty sure he had a Rugrats birthday. Some things never change.

What a beautiful crisp day. It was 18* this morning. I went upstairs for two hours. When I came back down I found the front door had not latched and was wide open. It was cold. I win the Idiot of the Day award.

Nick's very happy to have his studded tires so he can drive again. I hate this time of year and slick roads. It causes so much stress for us moms.

Dinner tonight was chicken with a Parmesan, garlic & herb crust, potatoes and onions topped with cheddar cheese, veggies and some garlic bread. And that there is Millie out in the chicken coop helping us with construction.

Mr. White working on the ceiling. The second shot is the window he put in.

This is the door and the furnace. Can't wait until it is all done.

Oh, and the ravens came back. This time six of them. They chewed on the head of a hen, but she got away. Then they spread my trash across the yard. Every day is a long day for this house.

Oh... and poor Olivia. Her bottom tooth is loose, she cried for about 5 hours and hasn't eaten or drank all day. Something doesn't look right and she may have to go into a doctor tomorrow. I feel very bad for her.


Gail said...

Beautiful pictures but too much winter and too ealy for me...I dread the cold.

Lori Skoog said...

That is going to be some chicken coop!

anymommy said...

These posts always make my day. (I think her hair looks gorgeous!)

Patty said...

I still love the Rugrats...In fact Carson was complaining about some cartoon ending, and I was like Thats how I felt about Rugrats! Carson had a Rugrat birthday party as well!

Janie said...

18! Wow, that's a cold morning. We haven't had a hard freeze yet, but it's coming any day.
Must be scary to have the kids driving on slick roads. I always worried when mine were teenagers, but your kids are probably gaining their experience quickly.