The White House

The White House

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lots of New Snow

I could not get moving yesterday. Maybe it was all the snow falling outside or the lingering twilight. Or the fact that my stomach felt queasy and I was tired. Maybe just a combination of everything, but it wasn't a very productive day.

I remembered to go to the feed store a couple of days ago for these critters. I did not, however, remember to ask the boys to unload it for me. Lucas and I used a sled and hauled one bag over. I'll get them to do the rest.

My chickens were refusing to cooperate and hold still for photos. Busy bodies.

This is their temporary shelter until the coop is done. Sunday a in/out door (bottom right corner) was cut and I think the insulating was finished. Now to sheet the interior, paint and put down the flooring. So much work!

Lucas and I made chocolate chip cookies. Finished with 4 dozen of which half were promptly eaten when the boys got home.

Met the boys at school to do half an hour of open gym with their high school team and then it was over to their IYB game. I love watching the boys play, but do know how many more games I'll drag the family to. Players are ranked 1-4 and split over the teams. One of our #1 players in injured and out for the season. It completely takes us out of being competitive. (Last night was like a 30-point loss when it should have been a close game). If the league won't let us pick-up another good player it's really a waste of time because the boys are just screwing around. I can't see dragging three other kids to the gym for "play time". Besides it drives me nuts to watch them mess around and develop bad playing habits. It's just a bum deal all the way around.
After the games we ran to Office Max to pick up a small computer table for Nick and grab some groceries. Got home at 9:00pm to finally have dinner! Relaxed with a little television and hit the sack at midnight. Looking forward to a more productive day today. Or not.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

You've been busy. I've been following you, but also trying to get caught up from our recent trip. I'll be posting soon as I'm currently using my time to clean the shells so I can take pics and post them!!

Your ham & potato soup looks wonderful! I make a lot of soup and love it. It's so easy to do really. Tomorrow we are having a roast chicken for dinner, then I'll make some chicken soup with the carcass. Can't wait for Thanksgiving because then we get turkey soup!!

Your plan to pack your things up in totes while you work on the house is great!! When we had our first real job at the house done we learned the hard way. We found dust and insulation inside cabinets and drawers for weeks after they finished!! It's amazing where that stuff can end up!

Janie said...

Lucas is such a good little helper. Cute pics of him measuring for the cookies.
Fun to watch the kids play ball.
I'm glad the chickens got their feed. Don't forget to get help with those big sacks!