The White House

The White House

Monday, October 18, 2010


Here's Millie! She is getting so big although that size doesn't seem to really show in this photo. She's still extremely mellow, but I swear she is deaf. Or stupid. You can say her name a hundred times without a reaction. Maybe she thinks her name is something else.

This is the icy road to my house. We slip and slide for 1.5 miles, but when you hit the highway winter is gone. There isn't any snow in town. In fact, my son went to the skate park yesterday. In October! That's just crazy, but soon to be over. It's snowing right now... not much, but it is snow.

Saturday night the boys had two basketball games. I took some photos, but haven't even looked at them. It wasn't a good night. Our #1 player is hurt, we lost to a team we've been easily before, lost to another team we wanted revenge for the previous 1 pt. loss we suffered, the boys played the entire game both games, Elijah got a fat bloody lip, they were tired and frustrated. It could have gone better. A lot better.

I cleaned all Sunday. Eventually everything I own will be packed in totes and there will be nothing to clean! :) There is a little bit left on the top right, but I need another tote. Those are things that belonged to my grandmother Dorothy. The totes on the end need to go up on the shelves, but I have to make room. When I packed things up I recorded the items so when I die my kids will know where it all came from. Kind of morbid, but necessary.

This photo is so blurry, but I'm too tired to take another. The totes on the right will go on the shelves and the two on the left will sit out. They have my books that I want to be able to access, but want to keep clean during construction. And that pool table full of everything! It's all been put away and the pool table is gone. One giant mess taken care of.

I'm tired and grumpy. I'd like to go back to bed until tomorrow, but not possible when you have five kids and many animals who all depend on you to have it together. I could use a stand-in today.

I sent in this photo today to the yearbook for Nick's senior photo. We took lots of them and many are more traditional, but this is what he wanted. It's him. In a carhartt because we live in Alaska with his skateboard that is his passion in a hat of rasta colors. I am waiting for the rejection because of the hat. In the yearbook from last year many students wore hats so we'll see.

I'll do another post of the other photos we took when I'm done editing them. At first I was all "you have to go to a professional" blah blah blah. Then my son made me realize that it is such a waste of money to get a photo that has nothing to do with who he is. We had fun taking these although he cut me short and I wanted to take another 500 because after taking "traditional shots" I wanted to take fun ones. Boys are not girls when it comes to have their photo taken and I should have done the fun ones first.

Well, the day has been a bust so far so I'd better get a move on. Even if I don't want to.


Gail said...

I have done that with glass ware, placed a note inside with its history...hope they appreciate it!

Janie said...

I'd be tired, too, after all the organizing. Good idea to label things and tell their history.
Cute pic of your son for the yearbook.

Corey~living and loving said...

Gayle...there is just something so wonderfully RAW about that shot of your son. There is true emotion in it. I LOVE it! ♥