The White House

The White House

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Full and Rewarding Day

I received this to-die-for digital picture frame from Grandma Claudia and Papa Doug (Homer's parents) for Christmas. A couple of years ago. *sigh*

As you know it is a constant state of construction, dust and turmoil here so it has remained safely in the box. Until today. I couldn't take it anymore. Who knows when we'll ever finish the house. Probably after some kids grow up. I decided to take it out, run some extension cords and slap a few photos on it. (few outlets...many blue extension cords) OMG the clarity is the best. It is amazing and I can even put music on it if I want to. And it comes with a remote control. I have to do some digging through disks and editing before I fill it up, but for now all the kids are fascinated.

On a random note I am addicted to yarn. Emily, Lucas and I went to the fabric store to get costume patterns. Of course, I have to do a drive by of the yarn aisle just in case something is on sale. I am notorious for buying cheap yarn which looks great... for a day... and then balls up. This wasn't as cheap as I usually get. The top one I knew Olivia would love for a hat, but then I saw the bottom one and those colors match her coat. So I got both. And have totally blown my New Year's resolution of finishing my current projects before starting another.

Do you ever think about how many mouths you have to feed? How much nutrition you are responsible for? I fed the worms today. Grossed out yet? You should have seen it after I stirred it up. And if you are really curious you can make it bigger and see the slime. they are and this is where they live.

This is another mouth I have to feed everyday. The pigeon got demoted to a smaller kennel as Millie needed a bigger one. She is huge (fat) so now we have a condo situation.

"Ummm, did you just call me fat?"

"I'm finding this all very boring."

"Phooey, that's a bright light and you locked me up again!"

I sliced up some meat and have it marinating. Tomorrow it will go into the dehydrator for more jerky.

Emily is growing. Or something. She was so exhausted last night I let her sleep today. Adequate rest leads to the prevention of illness which in turn is better for school attendance than missing one day. I had to wake her at 10:30 just to take Olivia to school. Who knows how long she would have slept! This afternoon Em got an iron removal treatment done on her hair and then brown underneath and a streak in her bangs that you can't see.

Awfully pretty for only eleven.

Here's Dad's dinner... steak with sauteed onions, stuffing, garlic toast, salad and beans. He loves coming home to a hot meal.

Tonight the kids were playing Twister. It was so funny to watch.

Nick and I played Rumicube. We had a bet. We're gambling kind of people. Small stuff...when I went to Vegas I refused to lose more than $20 a night...but we like the thrill I guess. It's a competitive thing. Anyhow, he wants $20 to buy a snow skate off a friend. I told him if he won 2 out of 3 he could have it. If I won he had to work it off. I won.
Look at Lucas giggle.

Now look at Emily giggle. They had us all rolling.

Showing off how strong he is the whole time yelling "hurry, hurry".

They don't know left from right which they should, but I guess I've never really thought to teach them so we just do foot or hand to whatever color.

During the game Dad walked in to check the fire and tells me the pigeon is loose. Of course, I think he is joking. Ummm, nope.

So out come the hockey sticks and floor hockey net. Elijah called us ghetto, but it worked. After the bird flew to the other side of the house. (Geez, do you think I'll ever be able to grow plants again. My grow room has become the storage room!).

Nick and Elijah had a game tonight. Emily and I took them to Valu Village to pick up some stuff for spirit day tomorrow. It's school and gold. Nick has stuff, but Elijah picked up a pair of yellow (women's) pants, a gold shirt and red vest. It is midnight and I am currently dying the yellow pants gold. Didn't I tell you this kid gets me every time? :)

When we got home I caught the second half of the Mentalist (love that guy) and played with Millie who then barked like crazy when I put her back in the kennel. It was a stressful five minutes as she is directly under our bedroom where Homer and the little ones were sleeping.

It's all quiet now so I guess I'll run up and hang the pants (ya, they were supposed to be hand wash and hang dry or dry clean).

Ever check out your "followers". I'll tell you about what I did tomorrow....night all.


FlowerLady said...

That digital frame looks neat. I've never seen one before.

You are busy as always, and Dad's supper looks delicious.

Twister looks like it was fun for the younger set.

Love the yarn colors and before long they'll be made into lovely things.

Am interested in seeing what you did with your followers.

Have a great day today.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is gorgeous. Looks like a model!!