The White House

The White House

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big Accomplishments

After getting the kids off to school I loaded the dehydrator to make jerky and headed upstairs to work.

The first order of business was to put Nicks new desk and cart together.

Lucas checked out the Game Boy.

It took 20 minutes just to get it out-of-the-box and unwrapped.

I've never needed a man to do these kinds of things for me. I've blown out clogged fuel lines to get furnace working, hauled fuel in 5-gallon jugs to keep heat in the house, changed tires, got my electricity for a year from a big old generator that I had to maintain and on and on. I've fixed things and taken care of things because, frankly, for the last twenty years it seems the men I've been married to have been married to their jobs. So after putting this desk together I have decided that if I get sent back to earth for a do-over, I want to be a petite, helpless diva who has plenty of men doing the manly stuff. Lets just say the extra junk-in-my-trunk makes it a little difficult to sit on the floor in a cramped space and run a screwdriver. I don't want to do that again any time soon.

This is where the computer was.

This is where he wanted it. And if you are wondering why Nick didn't put it together himself let me just say he is not mechanically inclined in the slightest. Yesterday I had to show him how to replace the bulbs in his taillights. He'll forget. I'm not sure his calling in life, but I did tell him he'd better marry a woman who can handle a hammer or he is in trouble.

While I built Lucas played. He wasn't supposed to break the Styrofoam into tiny bits, but he did. I just couldn't be upset with that face!

He asked me to put on his (angel) wings and then said, "I'm a vampire!". Nice.

So after almost four hours I put together a desk and file cart, moved the computer and got everything all hooked up again. I won't show you what the rest of the room looks like! Nick can clean that.

The other day Emily helped me clean-up the dead leaves on the impatiens and get some of them set-up by the window.

See there they are...over by the window. Some of Nick's things are still lingering around. I need to buy some more totes. It's stuff we are saving, but he really doesn't want it back in his room. I tried to find the older photo to show you this has actually gotten better, but couldn't.

While I set to work Lucas played cars. He was talking away making up a story about Lightening McQueen and Sally.

For the love of all things sacred how does this happen? You can see where Emily and I were pruning the plants. Messy! The toys that I worked so hard to organize got drug back out by the little ones because I didn't finish the job. My intent was to complete it this time around.

So there you have it. Plants cleaned up and by the window. Toys locked up in totes. This will be such a nice bedroom someday with a view of the flower gardens. Of course, it needs some walls, new sheetrock, paint and new carpet, but it'll happen. Someday.

The desk is where Emily has her "stuff". The drawers are her socks, etc. In the corner is where I will stack the totes of toys while we build. This way they will stay nice and clean, and out of the way.

We have a 60X8 foot deck that we never step foot on. Next summer I'd like to re-do the wood, railing fence and put stairs to the ground. It would be a nice place to sit and relax.

Moving a little slow this Saturday morning. First off, we watched a couple of movies after I stopped cleaning. Then Millie was a pain in her kennel barking when we tried to go to sleep. (I will be getting batteries for the shock collar today and take care of that situation). At 6:00am Homer put the dogs out and I got them at 6:30am except there was something in the driveway by the chickens and they all ran full speed for it. It was dark so I couldn't see anything, but there was a lot of commotion, one of the dogs "screamed", Millie and Roxie came running back as fast as they could, but no Rusty. I love the dog, but there is no way I am walking into pitch black dark to save him. He was on his own. Millie barked from 6:30-10:30am and gave me the biggest headache. Roxie howled like a wolf and I wanted to duct tape her mouth shut. Rusty came back at 10:45 and seems fine.

If Mr. White doesn't put up the yard lights he brought home a year ago (?) I'll do some reading and do it myself. You know....because I can.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'll say it again. you are a wonder woman

FlowerLady said...

Good evening Gayle ~ Our homes, if we're honest, all go through stages of not looking so hot, and looking great. I mean, we live here, we don't have house cleaning or yard maintenance crews coming in to take care of things. We do it all. I've noticed that soon after I vacuum I see stuff that needs to be vacuumed. That really gets to me. Where does all the dust and flotsam come from. There is only the two of us, so I can only imagine how mind boggling it must be to you sometimes to keep on picking up after everyone.

I'm proud of you for knowing how to do all the things that you do, because, you have taken care of you and yours.

Those sunset pictures are GREAT!

I hope you have a nice day tomorrow. I'm going to head off to bed to read for awhile. I look forward to working outside tomorrow.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Janie said...

You're a very efficient lady, putting the desk and cart together in just a few hours. They look nice! i like the plants, too.
Glad Rusty wasn't hurt by any wild animals.

gpc said...

I love the dots on the wall, they look so cheerful! I am not handy like you so in my house, things that I can't do just don't get done. I admire your resourcefulness.

Patty said...

That Rusty story cracked me up. I bet for just one fleeting moment you hoped a fox got him and then he wouldn't mark in your house ever again. Then you came to your senses and really hoped he would be ok. I know I look forward to the day of no more white dog hair in my house, but I dread it even more. I wouldn't of went out in the dark either though.

Tara said...

Gayle, it all looks great and it is coming along awesomely. I know it's a long, arduous process and I pray for lots of peace in the interim. Love ya!

Oh...and I read your post about the followers, too. I just wanted to let you know I read EVERY post, I just don't always comment ;)