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The White House

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Windy One Today

The sun might be shining, but it was windy and cold (like 42* cold).

The flowers are all dead and pretty much frozen in the dirt so it's now a lot of work to clean out the beds. I have four more and the entire ditch to do. Today I dug up the dahlia tubers. I couldn't believe how big some of them were ~ like the size of a cereal bowl! I can't believe I grew them from seed. I had to wash the dirt off so I wanted to use the hose. I can't remember the last time I was that cold. It's been five hours and I still have the chills. I hate being cold and wind is the worst. (Seriously, today in the garden was worse than -20 with the constant blowing).

Here's my little helper. Someone should tell him it is cold. I don't even get kids. I was bundled up and miserable. I couldn't get coats on the little ones for anything. They just kept telling me how hot they were. To be a kid again.....

Nick build me another compost bin today. I hope to finish cleaning the beds tomorrow. Still have to take down and store 15 hanging baskets as well. Plus, there is a ton of stuff around the yard. Oh, and have to mow the leaves. And rake the pens. Actually, I'm really not whining about the work....just the wind making the work so cold and miserable. The forecast has sun at least through Tuesday which I don't consider 40* sun, but at least it isn't rain. I think we'll get it all done.

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Janie said...

Good luck with all the work. Your little helper is the cutest!