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The White House

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Sky Was Lit Up!

Here's our sweet little angel Olivia on her way to school. Homer and I were just talking about her last night. You know, all your kids are special in one way or another and between the two of us we have eight! but this little girl is something else. She's so in tune to how others are feeling. She's very considerate and caring...and bright, too. I don't know, maybe we are paying attention more now that we are older or maybe she really is just such a unique girl. Whatever it is, Olivia brings us a lot of joy. I wish there was family around to get to know her. They are really missing something special.

Today was filled with chores...animals, dishes and tons of laundry. It made the day fly by. When the girls arrived on the bus we got right to homework. Olivia is drawing red, green and yellow apple trees.

Emily did one of her vocabulary pages and half her spelling words. Then she had to read a book. Yes, a whole book. She read (and I read to her an hour of the time) for three hours and ten minutes! I understand that is a long time, but Miss Emily hasn't been doing what she is supposed to be doing and is failing reading. Not because she isn't reading, but because she is stubborn and reading the wrong books (that she can't be tested on). Lucas and I went to the school library and checked out three for her that will "count". She read one tonight, there is one for tomorrow and one for Wednesday. That will not catch her up, but it will be a start. She'll go to her Dad's on Thursday and when she comes back next Wednesday she'll be right back to reading until she is where she should be. It's a great lesson in why one shouldn't procrastinate (or be stubborn!). Luckily she knows she is in the wrong and didn't even argue. (I think she really liked being read to!).

Lucas was happily playing with his pirates and Star Wars characters while I helped with school work.

Here's the latest blanket I've been working on when we watch TV and movies. It is yarn I bought quite some time ago. My new years resolution was to use up what I have before getting more. I'd better hurry...the year is ending quickly. It has a checkered pattern, but it is hard to see in the photo.

These are horrible photos, but considering I didn't have a tripod and the aperture was open forever they are actually pretty good. The point is to share the first Northern Lights of the "winter". I'm not sure I remember seeing them in the Fall before, but when I walked outside there they were. Only green, but still lights. I actually was headed to bed as I am exhausted, but I just had to come back in and share. Hopefully, I learn how to take some really spectacular shots this winter.

Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Have you seen that app for looking at the stars? One of the young men that was over for our bonfire the other night had that app for his iPhone. OMG!! It was amazing. I want one just for that although at -40 the battery would probably freeze while trying to view the stars. ( stars in the summer as it is always daylight). If I get rich (unlikely) I'm splurging on an iPad just to look at the stars! :)


Stace said...

Olivia is so beautiful...does she ALWAYS smile? I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her doing otherwise....:)
I LOVE the northern light pictures! Gorgeous! Occasionally we get them down here..but not often.

gpc said...

I've never seen it in person but the star walk app sounds so cool -- it also works on the 4th gen ipod touch, which is a couple hundred dollars cheaper so it's in my fantasy world wish list, even though I would love an ipad!

anymommy said...

I see them, the northern lights! How cool. Olivia's pictures always make me smile. She is definitely lit up from within.

Snowbird said...

I grew up in northern Michigan and I can remember laying out in the yard at night watching the Northern Lights. Loved them!