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The White House

Friday, September 17, 2010

Beautiful Fall

I'm wondering how fast I can make this post. It is almost 1:00am and I should be in bed. I don't sleep when things are bothering me and it really bothers me how hard my husband has to work. I wish there was another way.

This morning I took a lot of awkward photos of Emily. Mornings aren't necessarily fun.

There's my pretty girl.

And Olivia did her best, too, considering it was 37* and she was freezing!

Lucas and I drove up to the Parks Monument for some Fall photos. I'm sure you remember this all green not too long ago.

The long hill home.

Fall colors really make everything beautiful yet sad.

Goodness I haven't cleaned her pen in awhile.

Before and after. I used the leaf blower that has a fried motor and about kills me to start.

If anyone would have told me at 17 that I'd be using a leaf blower to clean up chicken sh*t I would have laughed. I laughed at myself today. Nothing better than having a 4-year old who can pack buckets and fill them while you clean.

They bloomed. Now they will freeze. They are all turned towards the sun. Maybe it would be better to plant cabbage here. What do you think?

Toasted bread with salmon dip and T-bone steaks with the man of my dreams with a great view.

Olivia yelled to us that she saw a brown and white cat. Er, ummm, maybe an ermine (weasel). Just a tiny baby.

And Millie was forever at my feet. So mellow. Already broke her of jumping and biting. Now if she were only potty trained (I hate that part).

I'm going to bed. Sad for my man and how hard he works. Hoping for retirement (someday). Praying for those who have a hand in it all. Tomorrow will be a better day. It always is.


gpc said...

Your yard is more beautiful than ever. I can't believe how quickly the leaves turn there! Hang in there, time will solve much of this. Puppies bladders eventually get big enough to wait. And I remember years of dealing with a bitter ex, biting my tongue and holding my breath, seemed like it would never end. I spoke to him the other day and he still seems angry at the world, but he's no longer a part of mine. Whatever is going on in your life, I hope things will smooth out for you soon.

Bonnie said...

If we could live in a steady state of fall I'd love it. I dislike the wind and on the prairies it cannot be helped.

You have beautiful girls!

Lori Skoog said...

Boy Gayle, you guys sure have had your share of pain with whatever is going on. It's good that you are taking special care of Homer. The girls and flowers look beautiful. Your puppy will be potty trained. The key is letting them out frequently and not having a place for them to go in the house. It seems that she is learning to be a good off leash girl. I love the way you are taking her with you when you do chores. She will be so used to it by the time she is fully grown it will be second nature.

ChrisC said...

The fall foliage is stunning.That's the ONLY part I miss about living up north.
Boy,have the kids really grown!

Stace said...

Your yard is amazing! Every year it gets better....I'm jealous.
I hate puppy potty training too...I was lucky with Vella...she "got" it right off....that has NEVER happened before...usually it's a fight...I hope Millie gets it soon as well.
I also hope that today is a better day. ((HUGS)) :)

Patty said...

The picture of Lukey with the scenic background is to die for!
The puppy is so cute!

Snowbird said...

I love the pictures of the fall leaves. That is the one thing I really miss down here is the changing of the seasons. Thanks for reminding me of what I'm missing. :)

Janie said...

Cute pics of the kids. The aspen are glorious.