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The White House

Monday, September 20, 2010

Enjoying Our Indian Summer

Friday the kids picked some flowers (a lot more than this) to put in the press Homer made me. We still have the flowers we pressed two summers ago and never used, but it isn't so much about the final product as it is about the process.

Saturday Lucas and Millie helped with chores. I tried so hard to get a shot of Millie, but she's a wiggly puppy. I finally had to have Lucas hold her.

Miss Daisy Duke.

Took Millie in to feed the chickens and she didn't give them a glance.

Homer put one of the running boards on the van. The van I've had for six years. The running boards for four. We don't get in a big hurry over these things. Lucas was Daddy's Little Helper.

It was such a beautiful evening we had marshmallows by the fire.

All of a sudden they both can ride a bike. Too bad summer is over.

Only my girls would kick a football in a Princess Dress and Sparkling Gold Shoes.

I made Apple Jelly and Carrot Jelly. I ran low on jars and ran to get some more. Homer and I conveniently found them between the shoe goo and light bulbs. Excellent marketing.

I also needed to harvest my worm droppings. Yes, that is 100% worms and worm poop. Not dirt like one would like to think. They are red worms and the yellow ball is an egg.

Tisha and the kids gave me a hand, but I still haven't finished picking out the worms to start a new bin. Have to do that today before they freeze. Our Indian Summer is coming to a close and it is supposed to be blow freezing starting tomorrow night.

We then headed out to get more highbush cranberries. Tisha and I filled 19 half pint jars with jelly for Christmas gifts. I would love to do more, but if I don't get the stuff done in my yard it will all be under snow!

We've been at this house for seven years. Sunday Homer decided to dig up the fuel line and fix it. The previous owner didn't use a long enough line so we would run out of fuel when there was still half a tank left. Like I said, we don't get in too big of a hurry about the important stuff.

Last night Homer and I went driving. There are houses like this big one six or seven miles down gravel roads. I just can't imagine building something that nice in the middle of nowhere. I suppose originally they built for privacy, but now new roads have gone in and it was surprising populated. I wouldn't drive that many miles of dirt road to still be able to see my neighbor out the window.

This is the Quist Farm at the end of the road. I think that's about 12 miles. We were in Nick's car and the odometer doesn't work so it could be less. I would drive gravel roads to live here.


Martha in PA said...

I love your girls style..
The birches by your pond are beautiful. Don't know why, but I love birch trees and we don't have too many around where I live! Glad you had some Indian Summer! Millie is the cutest!

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Corey~living and loving said...

So cool that they are riding their bikes. Sugar just started this weekend. I love it.