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The White House

Monday, September 13, 2010

Yes, It's Too Cold To Swim Silly Girls!

My great niece, Jadyn, spent the night Saturday night so Sunday when her mom came to get her they ended up visiting all day. We picked more Highbush Cranberries this time in a spot where they were much thicker.

In half an hour we picked 12 cups. We used 10 cups to make 4.5 more pints of jelly which took another hour's time. Not too shabby.

While Emily was gone to a birthday party Jadyn, Olivia and Tisha pulled all my carrots for me. Today I will need to get busy shredding them to freeze for carrot cake this winter.

Lucas was a little wore out!

Emily came home and Justise was dropped off so they all decided to go swimming. I mentioned that just because the sun was shining it was not warm, but what do I know?

They lasted long enough for me to take a photo and then were running for the house!
It's about time to pump out the water and clean the pond. The newspaper reminded me that we "normally" get our first spitting of snow in ten days and it will be here to stay in a month. Is it that time already? Yesterday Tisha and I were commenting what a gorgeous day it was and days like that is what Alaska is all about. We also said in a week when it is raining and cold we'll be complaining and want to move! Except for some time Outside for college we've both lived here all our lives (33 and almost 43 years). We both love the summers, but are definitely burnt out on the winters. My old bones would like year-round heat.


Bonnie said...

Your yard still looks beautiful!!! Good idea on selling the jelly. I havea highbush cranberry that was given to me as a housewarming gift but I have never picked the berries off of it.

I make chokecherry jelly. We swap a jar if I ever get some made!

Tara said...

You know...we're trying to figure the place that has just the perfect amount of winter, (not much) but not too hot a summer. Do you suppose we'll find it?

Those cranberries are so interesting to me...where I come from, (hehe) cranberries grow in a bog and you smack them with sticks!