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The White House

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rainy, Sickly Fall Time

Yesterday at 6:00am the skies were just beautiful at the house and at the bus stop at 6:45am.
We rarely see the sun these days so I wanted to get out and enjoy it
as much as I could while feeling rather sick to my stomach.
I brought Millie out to take care of the animals and quickly realized that it's hard to keep an eye on this untrained puppy.
The leaves are collecting on the chicken netting.
I sure hope my leaf blower will take care of the problem.
Sweet Daisy isn't so sweet. I can't seem to keep her out of my compost bins. We used this fencing because we already had it. I didn't want to spend the money buying hinges for pallets, but apparently that is what we'll have to do. Some of the plants
I am about to put in there will make her very sick.
I added my wood stove ash and need to clean it out again.
My husband hooked me up with some containers for my Impatiens.
I'll buy nicer pots throughout the winter, but these will work until then.
I planted one for Nick's room in a pot I made a few years ago for the boys.
It's the logo from GIRL skateboards.
I brought Millie out to clean in the gardens until she ran through the
Impatiens - twice!- then she had to go back in.
This is what this dog does. All the time. Oh, and it snores so loud. Day one and two it was cute. Today, with my headache, it isn't so cute. This morning I put her in the other room to sleep. Molly is the sweetest girl, but not a dog breed I would recommend. So many health problems and a lot of work. I was able to give her medicine, but then she just threw it up later on my couch. She has ointment that has to go in her eyes or they goober up. The fold above her nose has to be cleaned out. Definitely a sweetheart that is high maintenance.
Cleaned the Viola out from under the lilac.
This sunflower is so close to blooming. I hope it has the chance to.
This is Olivia in front of the school garden yesterday.
Those sunflowers were enormous and I really liked the living tepee.
This was her from 3 to 6. She got up, fussed about and was back in bed at 8pm with a headache. I didn't wake her at 6am assuming she was still sick. She got up at 8:00am and is fine. She is quite possibly the loudest person I know and is currently expressing that volume in my ear. I have a rumbly in my tumbly and my head hurts. I can't believe I am saying this, but I wish she was at school. I could use some quiet. That's Lucas' pose most of the time. His energy comes in spurts. Nick was in bed all day yesterday with a fever. He was up from 7-10pm and is still in bed now. Big sinus headache for him, too.
The strawflowers.
Picked and hung in my grow room to dry.
I started to weed whack for the last time this season, but ran out of gas. Literally.
I mowed and will have to finish today. Now for an overload of flowers.
You know, 'cause I'm really gonna miss them.
The bed is about 2 feet wide and the hedge of flowers is over 4 feet wide. The Tidal Wave Cherry did fantastically. Next summer it will be a different color. There comes the rain. Ug!
My hanging baskets are pathetic. They just aren't deep enough to provide adequate root space. I'm going to have to invest in something else. Two years of disappointment.
This "bird feeder" sunflower has about 8 buds on it. I would love to have seen it in bloom!
Emily went down to Grandma Debbi's for a couple hours last night to visit. I snapped a couple photos, but then it started to pour on us so we left. Isn't that the biggest sunflower?!
It's 40*, but the sun appears to be shining. I'm heading out to feed the animals.
I'm pretty sure 40 chickens have got to be quieter and easier on my head than my daughter is right now! LOL I have so many jobs to finish before winter,
but feel rather icky today. I guess I'll just move slowly.


FlowerLady said...

You have such wonderful flowers. It's hard to believe your temps are starting to be cold. Those were wonderful sunrise shots.

I do hope all of you are feeling better soon. Did you ever find out the cause for your long headache? Have you had any relief at all from it?

Wishing you love, health and happiness ~ FlowerLady

Queen-Size funny bone said...

can you save seeds from all of them for next year or only certain kinds?

Lori Skoog said...

Hope you are feeling better. Considering the temperature, your gardens look fantastic!

Janie said...

You always have so much going on at your place. Your flowers are lovely, I adore those morning skies, and Milly is such a cute little puppy.
After you get used to the kids being gone to school, maybe you can enjoy having a little more time for yourself.