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The White House

Friday, September 3, 2010

A New Egg

A Fall day with a little sun is much better than the rain we've been having. Yesterday I spent some time wandering around enjoying the last of the gardens.

Note to self: Don't tie up the sheep next to the sunflowers. See the headless stalk. Daisy had herself a snack.

I wish we would have cut down the trees on the right when the fence was down. The chicken yard doesn't get much sun.

One of the bantams laid an egg. One chicken is laying white eggs, I get two different kinds of brown eggs and now the bantam. Two or three eggs a day from 30 hens isn't cutting it. I need to figure out who is laying out of the old chickens I was given so I can get rid of the others. Apparently, some of them were 4 years old! I wouldn't have taken them had I know ahead of time. That's past prime laying.

Sometimes a girl just has to be silly!

Started to dig up some coleus. They look much larger in the pot than in the ground! It's taking forever. I take the pots out to the dirt pile to fill, then I have to pack them across the yard, up the stairs to the front where I dig up the plant. I only finished four yesterday when I got bored with the whole process. There are 4 more coleus and 30 some Impatiens. As silly as it may seem I can't get myself to do anything with the kids gone to school. I find it is so lonely and depressing being home alone with just Lucas. Even if the kids aren't helping me just hearing them play in the yard is comforting. I guess I'd better get over it because there is a lot to do before winter!

Those trees are starting to shed their leaves into the pond. I sure hope I get it cleaned out this year before it snows. I procrastinated last year until it was too late. It isn't any fun starting the year off packing out the fall leaves.

This tree is making a real mess on the lawn.

Look closely. Can you see what is coming down the road to the left and right of this photo? That's the UAF ski team out training on the roller skis. They use the road in front of my house almost every day. It's a pretty steep incline about 1.5 miles long, but it is curvy and people drive fast. I wouldn't want to be out there.

A little trampoline fun before bedtime.

The Fairbanks Cycling Club also uses our road for their races or outings. They put up a sign saying "Bikes on Road", but that doesn't really slow people down. I have mixed feelings about it all. I understand getting out to do something you love and finding a challenging place to do it. On-the-other-hand this is my home and when I am going to town with somewhere I have to be stuck behind a slew of bikes going 10 mph holding up the traffic I get frustrated. The bikers in this town get quite nasty about their entitlement to the roads. The summer paper is full of letters to the Editor. My question would these same people feel if it was me holding them up on the road to their house? We have a lot of disagreements here between the snowmachiners/4-wheelers and bikers/skiers. The latter group thinks the former group shouldn't exist. I'm in the first group and have just as much right to enjoy my recreation of choice. It gets nasty at times in these woods!

Look who I have been finding in the yard every day having a snack. A little groundhog. He'll be going into hibernation soon. My husband thought maybe he should be shot, but I assured him that the chickens are safe. He doesn't eat meat. It's the fox, mink, martin and ermine we have to watch for. As long as he stays out of the gardens he's welcome to live here.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I enjoyed all your greenery and bright colors. the grass around here is pretty brown.

anymommy said...

I love reading about your life. And oh my gosh, that little bitty egg is so cute. I know, I know, cute is not the point, but awwwwww.

Patty said...

Love the bike picture....what a great shot.

Janie said...

The groundhog is cute, and your yard still looks beautiful.
Interesting about the biker vs motorized feuds there. We have a lot of the same here. I respect bikers, but they do seem to think they own the road sometimes, and it is frustrating, not to mention dangerous.