The White House

The White House

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Serious Case of Laziness

It's that rainy time of year. With everything so damp we get up to fog every morning.
I need to start digging up the Impatiens. The cool weather is taking a toll on them. It's such a guessing game...I don't want to see bare empty beds any sooner than I have to, but if I wait too long they will die (and I'll be cleaning all the other beds in snow!).
Although these Dahlia's weren't dinner plate size they turned out really beautiful and the blooms last for weeks. I'm sure they'll be bigger next year (I planted them way too late in containers).
Notice the arc that she ate down to dirt.
Silly sheep, you don't have to keep the leash tight to eat!
Note the chicken on top of the net. I've got to get the gate sealed up. Sneaky little birds!
Supposed to get down to 40* at night all week. Our leaves are turning yellow fast.
I'm so glad some of the sunflowers got to bloom even if they aren't the ones I planted!
Can't believe the beans waited all summer to finally grow and bloom. Never have had any luck with beans and won't be doing them again.
Millie is a sweet puppy. I hope she's smart and will train easily.
Rusty is worked into a tizzy and is quite annoying....
because we have company. I am dog sitting Molly for three days. I know, I know. I said I wouldn't dog sit again, but Molly is different. To begin with she's actually trained.
All she does is sleep and snore. How hard is that to watch?
Besides, her owner is the sweetest girl ever. I'm glad to help her out.
I sure didn't accomplish much yesterday. A load of laundry and a couple loads of dishes.
Made Swedish Meatballs for the hubby for dinner.
Soaked bread in canned milk. Added seasoned stuffing, egg,
minced garlic, salt, pepper, nutmeg, parsley.
Onions and the ground beef.
Rolled into meatballs and put in the oven for awhile. Then decided to fry a bit in butter. Then I put them in the crock pot with beef broth for five hours. Added a flour, broth and Worcestershire sauce paste to make the gravy. Served it over noodles, but didn't get a picture because I burnt my finger and the evening went down hill from there! (I cannot be in the kitchen without burning or cutting myself. Just the way it is).
Oh, and the only other thing I did yesterday was split a teeny tiny bit of wood that I didn't even finish stacking it. I have seriously run out of ambition lately.
I picked some Asters a few days ago. What a hardy flower. It's my first time growing them and I'd like to do a lot more next summer. Last night Emily added some Dahlia's to the vase.
I should cut my flowers more often.
After dinner we watched Oceans Twelve since I wasn't doing anything except holding ice on my finger. Yesterday was a good day, but a lazy one. Here's hoping I can get moving today!


Rob said...

Its a shame when it gets so you have to think about taking out the plants for the winter. Where will you keep your Dahlia's? Maybe if you get your greenhouse fixed up you can start off some beans in pots so they are already growing when you plant them out, that way they will get a head start on ones sown stright in the soil. Here are the moment its 11C outside, I think thats about 50F.

Janie said...

Those Swedish meatballs look great! Sorry about the burned finger, but at least you got to watch a movie while icing it down.