The White House

The White House

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Really Dislike The End Of Fall

My intent was to make a new post tonight.

One camera is upstairs (remember...outside, 80 steps up, another 80 back). The other camera is in the van. It's late, cold and dark. I'm not going to get them.

This is what you get.

After finally thawing the hose (I was such an idiot to leave it out last night) I pressure washed the pond for 3.5 hours. Then I spent another 3 hours packing wet leaves out in a 5-gallon bucket to the 4-wheeler trailer. Then I pressure washed for another half an hour until I ran out of fuel. Then I got pissed and quit with it almost done.

The last three paragraphs I just deleted. They were kind of snarky about the first 5 kids we raised. And...well...that isn't going to do anyone any good.

So I'll just say our three youngest are angels. :)

(I really hate temperatures below freezing).


Little Black Scrap Cat said...


Patty said...

Can't help but to smile! haha

Janie said...

The youngest 3 are certainly adorable kids.
Can't blame you for not climbing stairs in the cold to fetch the camera.