The White House

The White House

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Animals Require More Work Than Children

A few days ago I cleaned Daisy's pen one last time because it was supposed to rain/snow. It didn't. I think it's full of leaves again.

"I'm so cool with straw hanging from my lip".

Roxie was my helper cleaning the pen until she tried to eat the chickens. She doesn't get to help anymore.

Lucas was also my helper. He didn't try to eat the chickens.

Rupert is annoying and I'm ready for him to be dinner even if he isn't all that big. I do love my little hens though.

Rusty and Roxie have been set free. For the last three years they have a play yard in the house that they stay in unless they are being directly played with/supervised by someone. Roxie will hide somewhere to go to the bathroom to avoid going outside at all costs. She can't handle the cold. Rusty used to roam free until we got Roxie. Then he started marking every inch of the house so he couldn't run around without someone watching his every step. Sometimes, even if you were watching, he would mark. Putting them in a pen drove me nuts, but with two little ones I just couldn't watch them every second. Now that the Littles are older I can so Roxie is wearing a diaper and Rusty a band to keep them from going in the house. It's been two days and seems to be working, but has brought a whole new set of problems. Rusty likes to run so you have to be very careful opening the door or he'll bolt. Dachshunds can be very stubborn and if loose he is instantly deaf. Then last night I made homemade pizza. I went outside to get Homer and when he went in Roxie was on the table eating it. I think she may have had a near-death experience. I swear these two require more supervision than all my children combined!

Potty training Millie isn't going so well either. I feel as if all I do is take her in and out all day long. Then after doing her business she did it again two hours later in her kennel at 11:00pm. And stepped in it. She spent the night outside. Now I have to bathe her. Homer was a doll and cleaned the kennel. Dog poop makes me throw up....I sure hope she figures this out soon or I get a stronger stomach.


Janie said...

Daisy does look cool with a straw in her mouth.
I'm so glad Lucas doesn't eat chickens and can help out in the coop!
Sounds like major problems with the dogs. They need a potty training pscyologist!

Tootie said...

Girl, I'm tellin ya, something would have to go! Either the dogs or the kids! :)