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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who Knew We Could Do So Much?

Friday? Really? That was the last time I blogged? Well, just so you know, I blog in my head all day long, I just don't sit down and do it like I want to. It's a long post...I hope you have time to read along.

Sooo...this kid came home hot and sweaty and demanded to be taken to the barber. He's had that long blond hair for the last four years. I was in shock! (Now I'm used to it and his basketball coach saw it and was very happy. Except for the earring.).

Saturday my bestest bud ever left for skateboard camp in Pennsylvania. I really really miss him. Saturday was also the wedding of my dear friend Sheila to her love Bo. We had too much fun.

For several days this is all these two did. Problem is they go in and out and leave wet clothes hidden all over the house. No kidding. Monday I did seven loads of laundry. I'm not done. I'm kind of glad it rained today.

I weeded A LOT and never did finish. In this bed the weeds were taller than the glads and it was full. How does that happen? Along the edges of the rock I found petunias. These are reseeding themselves from last year. Ummm, I thought petunias were annuals especially in our winter temperatures.

See the light purple in my fence bed. I planted 98 petunias down the fence and apparently screwed up more tags that I thought. Look...there's a bed of the right color.

I couldn't take it and transplanted ten plants. I may need to do a couple more, but won't know until they bloom. It would have driven me crazy. I'm pretty bummed about the size of all the plants and the lack of flowers. Too much rain this summer. Unfortunately, I did all this work for lousy will snow before they get where they should be right now. Oh, well. There is always next year. It's all about the process for me.

These Striped Marvel Marigolds have turned into quite a hedge of flowers. I just can't believe their size and output.

I planted some perennials that I got cheap at Lowe's ($3.33 each). They are supposed to be good to -40 and -50. We'll see. I'd like the fill in the back of the bed with iris'. They can bloom early and leave a nice leafy border by the pool. Finally, got a decent Dahlia. So many buds; so little sun.

While Nick is away I am painting his room the way he wants it (so maybe he really won't move out next year :) Wait until you see; it's going to be wild. He was supposed to pack things up before he left, but he didn't get far. I've been working hard between gardening, animals and remodelling.

The room is empty (oh, was that bed a lot of work to move!). I am washing and we have some patching to do. Painting on Friday and Saturday then he is home Sunday night. He wants a new shag carpet, but that isn't in the budget yet.

Elijah's room is still waiting for Sheetrock and is always a mess. He actually picked up this time (with Prakash's help!). We are always changing the plans. Now this room will actually become Lucas'.

My room is always a mess. Pick it up and go for the vacuum. See what happens? I can't keep up with those two little Gremlins. Now this room has the bed from Nick's room, and Elijah got my new King size bed (it hurts Dad's back). I'm going to miss my new bed. Now we are back to the double until we try another one.

I clean it. They dump it out. How can we ever build walls and paint in this mess??? This time I got all the toys stored so they can't get them back out. Might have a fighting chance to finish our work.

Dad set to work tearing out the old kitchen. This is where Elijah's bedroom is going to be. It will be a lot bigger than the other room. Such a mess and so much work. My poor husband works six days a week. He does what he can from 7-10 at night and on Sunday's. I try to do what I can during the day while taking care of five kids. It's been quite a project, but at least we are doing it together.

All Emily had to do before her camp was clean this closet space. This is her idea of clean. (She likes to hide stuff; it's disgusting). I cleaned it up and put Nick's clothes out here for right now. Eventually this will be a storage closet for winter gear. I can't wait to paint and put down tile. Again...remodelling sucks...spending time with my husband and kids building something is good.

Oh, did I say camp? I was able to get Emily into Shen Bible Camp down near Tok (200 miles away). Tok is where I grew up and I went to this camp when I was a kid. She'll have the best memories. Here she is (in red) walking the mile into camp through the bogs. She is with her cousins Justise and Jadyn. In the second photo she is in the yellow life jacket. My 6th (and 8th) grade teacher has been sending me lots of photos everyday. She'll be home on Friday night and I can't wait to hear all about her adventures. (It's the first time she's done anything like this...she hasn't even been to a day camp let alone spend a week from home!).

Well, there you have it. We've hauled out 3 truckloads of kitchen cabinets and 8 bags of trash. We've weeded, watered, cleaned, partied at a wedding....done so much in the last few days. It's just plain exhausting!! :)


FlowerLady said...

Wow Gayle, you have been awfully busy. I just don't see where you get your energy to keep up with what you do.

What a difference a haircut makes. He doesn't even look like the same kid at all.

Your flower beds look great. When is the earliest you can get snow? I can't even imagine that your summer is so short.

Remodeling is always a pain, but it is great working together as you said, and the end results are well worth it.

Camp for Emily ought to be fun. I remember camp too, a long, long time ago.

Take a break now and then, for yourself.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Lori Skoog said...

Your gardens are going nuts! Wow! Love the photo of you and your son (leaving for skateboard camp). As usual you and Homer have an awful lot going on.

Tara is: said...

how wonderful for Emily! Your kids will never be able to say they lived boring or sheltered childhoods!

Gail said...

I came to visit because I am a Gail and a scorpio too.

Your flowers and pool and photos are great, I shall return.

Patty said...

What times does Nick get home on Sunday night? We come home late Sunday on Alaska and Jared comes home late Sunday night on Delta from Minneapolis/Anchorage.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Wow! I've been off on vacation for a week and you've accomplished things beyond my imagination! It takes me an entire day just to organize ONE closet! You are a constant source of motivation!

Janie said...

I'm so impressed with those weeded flower beds. I have a hard time keeping up with mine.