The White House

The White House

Friday, July 23, 2010

What's Been Going On?

Some little people have been loving on the chickens. The Rosecomb are especially tolerant of this.

Elijah had football in North Pole Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It's 30 miles from my house to the school so Monday I sat and watched. Tuesday we played North Pole tourists and Wednesday I left and went to Nick's soccer game. One other mom and I sat in the rain and watched. The best part is being able to hear those high school boys ribbing each other. (I think his photo is still on the camera).

I have my photos all backwards....after Santa we had a picnic of sorts at the elementary school so the little ones could play.

Look at the size of that Santa! When I was a kid his list went all the way to the ground, but it broke after a heavy snow fall and was shortened. There didn't used to be the security fence years ago either.

Lucas went right up to Santa. No shyness there. Olivia hid behind her dad and wanted no part of it.

We even said hello to Santa's reindeer. There were four in the pen.

I've done very little around the house. I feel pretty lazy these days. Sure wish I could get my drive back. I did a little work with the compost bins. I need to combine a couple to save as my mulch for next summer. Nick helped me clean the branches out of Daisy's pen and then used the 4-wheeler to break up the clumps of dirt.

We spent a little time picking up things around the yard. Not sure how so much gets left laying around all the time. I've split three trailer loads of wood which isn't near enough. Nick mowed the ditch and corner for me while I cleaned out most of the bed along the fence. That's about all that has been accomplished in the last few days...I used to do that much in half a day. Seems the rain has dampened my spirits. I'm really burnt out on wet and cold.

Well, I see a little sun peeking out now so I'm going to see if I can motivate to finish a few projects I've got going.


Patty said...

Hey you were in my stomping ground....home and work!

I remember Santa's long list too!

Janie said...

The reindeer looks like he's talking to the camera!