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The White House

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us and more....

Yesterday turned out to be an almost no photo day so I'll just have to tell you about it....

9:00am I had Elijah at football. Wish I could sit around and watch it all day.

That "room" in our house that has my plant room, a bathroom and someday my kitchen always gets stuff stacked in it. It's been getting chilly and I wanted a fire so I cleaned and mopped around the wood stove. Then I hauled in a trailer load of wood managing to really smack my elbow in the process. A day later and the pain is still incredible.

Mary, my neighbor, gave me a call around one and wanted to know if I wanted to go down to the park with her and her grandchildren. Of course, I hesitated because I think I have to work all the time, but in the end we went down for almost two hours. It was great for the kids to get out of the house.

When Nick left for skateboard camp in Pennsylvania I boxed up his room to paint. Apparently I hate painting and it seems to be taking me forever to finish up. He's getting a bit irritated with the excuses I come up with each day to put it off until the next. I let him do whatever he wanted since, well, it's only paint. I can cover it up someday. This was the test stripe. It worked fairly decent so now the entire wall will get stripes, they will run horizontally across the next wall and diagonally down the last wall. The fourth wall got a second coat of purple yesterday and is done. He loves purple and just picked another color to go with it. No, he did not realize that it was the color scheme for Arctic Cat or the Joker from Batman or anything else. He just liked it.

Homer picked Elijah up from football and after dinner we took Olivia, Lucas and Daisy for a long walk looking for blueberries. It was a great family outing right up to the point when I remembered I forgot Nick's football booster club meeting. Oh, well. They have over 80 players this season; I'm sure there are other parents who can give a little time.

Nick was done with football at 8:00 and I met him at his soccer game. When the sun popped out it was very warm, but when it went behind the clouds it got pretty chilly.

That's Nick in the yellow shorts. Not your typical soccer stance, but considering he just finished six hours of football practice and we were winning he didn't have to get too excited. They ended the game 5-2 without too much effort. I managed to knit 2/3 of a hat while watching him. I'm sure there is a label for people like me who have to do more than one thing at a time or we go nuts. Personally, I just like to call myself efficient. :)

Speaking of efficient. The sun is actually shining today. Shocker! Got Elijah dropped off at football and everyone else is still sleeping. Called the husband to wish him Happy Anniversary. (It's number 3). I've had a little coffee so now it's time to go out and say hello to the "farm". My elbow hurts, my knees are swollen, my back must be out because my arms keep going dead and/or have shooting pain to my finger tips and whatever is wrong with my left foot that gives me stabbing pain with each step makes me all want to crawl back into bed. But there is too much to do. I guess I'll rest and repair this winter! :)


FlowerLady said...

Hope you have a nice anniversary.

I can't believe you are lighting a fire already, no wonder you want summer weather, as your summer doesn't last long at all.

Hope you're soon feeling in better shape.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

That green Nick picked for his room is very bright. But its also one of my favs!! Can't wait to see it with all the stripes!!
Happy Anniversary!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I hope your pain will ease up. I know how it feels to have a broken down body when all I want to do is keep going.