The White House

The White House

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thanks Amanda

Amanda has bestowed this award on me. Not sure I really deserve it, but if it means I can put off the housework I told you about in the post below then I'm all for it.

There were rules about sharing and tagging others, and I'm not going to follow the rules. At all. Chris taught me this.

First off, I was supposed to tag bloggers who recently found me and I haven't had a new follower in a long time. I'm really not all that exciting to read every day. So I have no one to tag. I will, however, share 7 things about myself. I will invite you to check out Amanda's blog and if you want to play you can consider yourself tagged by me! :)

About me:

1. I've put on 50 pounds of stress over the last year and a half. This is the heaviest I've ever been in my life. Being over-weight isn't necessarily what bothers me...I love me for me no matter my size...but being over-weight is slowing me down. I don't move as fast as I used to therefore I can't get as much done in a day as I used to. That irritates me. So does the swollen and painful knees from being too heavy.

2. Although I am quite large I have a husband that loves it. He doesn't care for skinny, flat-butted women at all. Through his eyes I'm sexy. I assure you I am not. It's good to be so loved.

3. My house is filthy. Not because I like it, but because I am seriously over-whelmed. I take on too much. I try to do too much. I have five kids who enjoy being messy. The house suffers. We all walk around with blinders on. I could be on the Hoarders show. There could possibly be a dead animal in here somewhere. We never have company thus no stress over a messy house. Do I like filth? No. Can I keep up? No. Today, I will attempt to make changes. I will probably fail.

4. I don't have In Real Life friends that I see. Not really. I have one friend, Jen. We go in spurts. We'll see each other once a week for a month and then not again for eight months. We have our neighbor friend Dave that we occasionally BBQ and drink beer with. That's it. We are home bodies unless it involves a kids activity. We never get invited anywhere, and we never invite anyone over. That's why my blogger friends mean so much to me.

5. I really want to live in Hawaii. I want to wake up to sunshine and warmth every single day. My husband wants to move to the Philippines. I bet we both die before we ever go anywhere. That's sad.

6. No matter how hard I work on my gardens or how beautiful my flowers are I am disappointed and always think it should be better. I am my only critic when it comes to gardening.

7. I am a major procrastinator. I will put something off until I am a frantic mess trying to get it done. I make myself crazy. That's bad.

Okay...there you have some of the nitty gritty dirty honesty type stuff. Only 'cause I'm really depressed about the rain. I was supposed to pressure wash the pond today to be filled tomorrow. I can't do it when it's wet. I slip and fall. Really frustrated. I sure hope all you good people are having an outstanding day. Muh-wah!


Lori Skoog said...

Gayle, Gayle, Gayle. I don't know a soul who tries to do more than you do.
It sounds like it has become overwhelming. You are going to have to get those 5 kids to help you. I can't imagine having to put all those plants in the ground! Cut back woman! Don't try to squeeze so much in....

Janie said...

Give yourself a break. Just looking at your garden photos, I'm amazed at how much you accomplish.
On the house disorder, maybe you could assign each child a room (in addition to their own room) to clean? I used to do that with my kids, and it took the pressure off of me and helped keep the house in reasonable order.

Corey~living and loving said...

interesting list. I love the nitty gritty. Tranparency......very cool.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ Bless your heart! We all have our days of depression, I've had my share lately, feeling like crying for no real reasons. Being overwhelmed can do that to us, plus for me it's also 'horror-mones' as a friend calls them

Just take each day as it comes and do your best. Try not to stress, tomorrow is another day.

I also am a procrastinator and that's not always a good thing.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

anymommy said...

I love my blogging friends too - and you make my day regularly. You are way too hard on yourself, my dear. And I think we should meet in Hawaii!!

Anonymous said...

Okay I never reply to these, this is absolutely my first so here goes.

You need to look at the big picture. Your kids are healthy and happy, your husband comes home to you loving you ever day! Nothing else matters. Seriously - the rest does not matter.

I wake daily knowing I'll never see my beautiful daughter who died in a car accident, she'd be 24 this year... and I've been divorced twice, I'm sure partly my fault but the big issues - 1 divorce due to drugs, 1 divorce due to alcohol, neither of those are my doing.

Be thankful. I know you are, let me rephrase, look at the big picture and understand that no one cares if your house is dirty... your kids don't, your husband doesn't, the people that may do not count in life.

If your garden is planted a day late, again, the people who care about that don't matter in your world.

You've lived to be 42 1/2 years old and have a husband and 5 beautiful children to show for it. In the end, THAT is what matters, THAT is your legacy. You're doing much better than you give yourself credit for.

Okay I know I sounded like I was preaching, I'm not, I'm just in a hurry - because my whole life is a hurry! lol And I'll sign on here because I'm putting this out here wihtout a login. ~Leanna Hanson Have a great week!