The White House

The White House

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Down With Friday; Hoping For A Better Saturday

Not a lot went right on Friday. I was hoping for a better Saturday, but it's raining. It is a much needed rain, but it locks me in the house. :(

Look who I found hiding on the shelf. One of the dianthus actually has a flower.

I packed the last 55 flats of flowers outside. Not exactly sure where I am going to plant them all, but I'll do my best! :)

This is where it started going down hill. I realized I had missed Olivia's eye appointment two days before. Not sure why they aren't giving reminder calls anymore. Then waited for Nick to come home as long as I could....I needed him to drive Elijah and Tyler to pack boxes at the Pioneer Home as a fundraiser for their athletic program. Finally left for Lucas' ear cleaning and hearing test. That didn't go well. The wax is hard against his ear drum so everything was cancelled. Will do oil for a few more weeks and if that doesn't work then surgery. Nick picked up Elijah while I was in the appointment. Drove him to work, then to basketball practice and finally football practice where he didn't have his gear because it was still in my van. He just ran because he didn't want to call and ask me for the gear. Smart move. Went to sign up Emily for Track & Field Day, but the deadline was the night before (kind of glad about that one as it is raining today and sitting at the track for ten hours in this chill would be horrible). Then Debbi came up to get some more flowers from me. She ended up taking all three younger ones home with her. Thought I was going to be able to get my planting finished. Nope. It poured. We gave up and watched a movie. Then the power went out. *sigh*

Doesn't this angle make him look so tall?

So thankful for Nick and his friend Prakash. They made 27 trips each up and down the stairs to get all my flowers moved to the front of the house. I'd probably still be out there without their help.

Last night while Dad watched the movie I made crab stuffed mushrooms and oyster stuffed mushrooms with a side baked potato. I've never made either...they were so time consuming, but worth it!

In the last month with a flurry of school activities, gardening and being outside all the time you can't even imagine what has happened to this house. It is in a constant state of chaos as we are always in the middle of remodelling, but the rest of the mess is out-of-control. Seriously. Take the kids away filth. Embarassing. My children shed filth as they walk through a room. Really. Can't wait to go and mess their houses up someday! LOL

Since it is raining I am working inside all day. I will start in one corner and either throw away or box up our stuff. Until this house is done and there are closets and shelves there is no where to put things therefore it always looks like crap in here. The piles just get shifted around. I just can't take the chaos anymore. Wish me luck.

Oh, and I'd better pack in some wood. It's chilly today. I bet Elijah is having a lousy time at his car wash fundraiser that I drove him to at 9:30am. Can't imagine they are making any money.

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Janie said...

The carwash does not sound fun in cool weather.
Your dinner last night looked great. Sure hope Lucas can get his ears clean without surgery.