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The White House

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Really. Can't I Have A Longer Day?

I'm going to go right ahead with the Shock & Awe to make the warm and fuzzy later so much nicer. The squeamish have permission to curse me.

Long story short in a matter of minutes with people in the yard the nasty raven swooped in and killed 10 chickens and 2 turkeys. Or so I thought. This particular turkey was left behind with a hole in his breast. Skin completely gone. I brought him in the house and really really needed Snowbird here to show me what to do, but she is in Florida saving the wildlife there. Anyhow, I put some antibiotic ointment on it and wrapped him in gauze. He immediately took that off so I put him under a light with food and water and guess what? He flew out of the box today. I don't get it, but he seems to be a Survivor. In honor of that we have named him (her?) Rupert. Our favorite player in Survivor.

Nick had my van driving Elijah to his football clinic. We had Nick's car. This is the view through the moon roof. Nick and his friend Sean met us at Miguel's for some Mexican dinner . Really good!

After dinner Nick had his first soccer game and apparently he will be playing goalie this year. The kid who normally plays goalie got stuck on the North Pole team. Nick is in white. The guy in maroon is his defense. Ummmm, hello? After the game we went to my friend Jen's house and stayed way too late. Dad was tired today.

Today I looked over at my son and thought "Gee, what a pretty little girl". He really looks better with long hair, but it coming off. His basketball coach isn't impressed and he's going to Wasilla (320 miles away) for a tournament next week. On the other hand his football coach has long hair so he fits there. Either way he's getting it short and I'm sure we will all regret it.

Lucas had his first game today. He's the blond on the left. Aren't they just adorable 4 year olds?

This is different than any of my other previous coaching experiences. There were smiles and tears alike, and I believe that four is entirely too young for organized sports. Seriously. So many of the kids didn't understand (or follow) simple commands such as sit here, wait your turn, turn around, kick the ball and STOP! That's me holding one little boy's hand. I had to hold it for an entire hour. Running up and down the field. I DO NOT RUN. I am old and over-weight and I thought at one point I was having a stroke. I'm not kidding.

Here's my team breakdown.

#1 I had to hold his had the entire time he played.
#2 Wet his pants (my kid) because I was holding #1's hand coaching and wasn't being Mommy.
#3 Flew around like an airplane the entire time.
#4 Was the cutest little thing, but would not kick the ball. She ran nicely.
#5 Had some sort of sensory thing going on with his shirt and spent his time pulling, tugging, twisting and undressing.
#6 This girl ran fast and kicked the ball scoring our one and only goal. I need eight of her.
#7 Didn't show. Could have been wandering around like the 100 other lost kids whose parents don't pay attention to their emails. Or not.
#8 Cried at practice and won't be back.

The opposing team. All rock stars. I think they scored 20 times. My team didn't even understand they were scoring. I haven't run like that since....hell, like several babies ago! I am so tired and so sore. I'm doubting my ability to get out of bed tomorrow. I can't possibly imagine what those skinny moms sitting on the sidelines were thinking of me. Maybe next time they'll offer to run.

There are still 1000 plants in the grow room. Seriously I am trying so hard, but my ship is sinking. I can't keep up let alone get ahead. This morning I was grocery shopping. I get a phone call from the basketball coach wanting to know if Elijah could practice in an hour. Sure, no problem. Race back home, race him in, race back home and try to water plants, plant plants and take care of kids. Oh, then I had my great-niece over. Had a couple hours and then off to get kids to football practice and then to Lucas' game. Back home to water the gardens then baths for the little ones and now here I am. I will never get these stupid plants in the ground! Tomorrow I have even more to do. Oh, and did I mention I have jury duty June 6 through Sept. 6. Are they nuts???

I ran around and took quick photos to give you an update. They are blurry and awful and I don't have it in me to take new ones. Feel free to click off me now.

Petunias, Marigolds and Painted Daisy.

Petunias and Dahlias.

Marigolds and Impatiens.

I am supposed to have the pool cleaned by Sunday so Dad can fill it. Should have been filled two weeks ago so we could enjoy the 80* temps. I doubt I'll get it done. I'm so tired. Nick packed my Dahlia's out. Now I need to put them somewhere.

Radishes all over and a couple beans came up. Carrots that need weeding. In fact, it all needs weeding.

Carrots and big onions.

Spinach, lettuce and peas. More carrots.

And more carrots.

Yesterday I weed whacked and mowed for three hours. See why I am tired. That grass looks a lot better in person. Really. So dry here we are struggling, but I'd rather struggle than have crappy weather.

Tomorrow's another big day of running kids and trying to work in the yard. It's midnight and I've still got to visit a few blogs. Sigh.

Update on the wildfire near where I grew up: burning 93 acres an hour and is up to about 16,000 acres. People are working hard and making lots of money. I hope they get it out soon.


FlowerLady said...

Gayle ~ You never cease to amaze me with all that you do. It is no wonder you are tired.

I love it that you named your little turkey Rupert. He was our favorite on Survivor also. Is there anyway you can put some mesh fencing over the chicken yard to keep the birds of prey out? I'm sorry you lost some of your new babes.

Your gardens look great and before long each bed will be filled with blooms. I really love the rock borders.

Dear heart, do what you can each day and try not to stress over the rest. Maybe a pool cleaning fairy will swoop down and clean your pool for you. (One can always wish.)

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Lori Skoog said...

Gayle! What are you thinking planting 1000 plants! Cut back next year woman! Maintaining that many gardens is a full time job, and you already have at least three of them!

Sorry about the chickens and turkeys. Very dangerous without netting.

How do you ever rest?

Stace said...

OMG...I'm exhausted from just reading your post....
The upside: your gardens look great!! You have far fewer weeds than I do..and you know what?? My grandfather used to say "just let the weeds come up, they help keep the moisture in the soil" I don't know if it was because he just didn't like weeding, or if he truly used the weeds as a kind of mulch..but he always had TONS of veggies. I often think of that when I have little time to weed, it makes me feel better :P lol
Good luck on coaching 4 year olds...You're a much braver woman than I. :)
I hope you got some rest!

Tootie said...

Girl, I don't know where you find all the energy! I'm just sitting here shaking my head.

Patty said...

Wow-you never cease to amaze me. I need Lukey's schedule. I've got to see him (you) in action!!

Janie said...

I once coached 4 year old soccer. My daughter would sit down and pick flowers in the middle of the field. Sigh.
The rest of the kids ran around gang style. We really needed help. Didn't do so well, scoring wise.
Your garden plots look like they're coming along. Don't work too hard!

Corey~living and loving said...

I am so sorry to hear about the chickens and turkeys. wow...that is not good.

and WOW do at least 6 times more stuff than I do in a day.

RottenMom said...

Thanks for the warning this time, much appreciated! Damn that Raven!!!
I love your team breakdown, so funny!

And, I, like everyone else that reads, am in awe of you and the super human wonder woman that you are!

PS. We will definitely have to have that beer someday! We would have a blast!

Snowbird said...

Lordy woman, I get exhausted just reading about what you do--much less doing it!! I loved your soccer story. I remember when my granddaughter started at 5 years old. No, they don't really understand what's going on but they are still so darned cute.

Love that you named your little survivor, Rupert. I think you did about all you could do. I think the antibiotics is the way to go. Just keep him warm, dry, and quiet (if that is possible) and keep checking for infection. That's all I know to tell you. Keep me posted as to how he is doing.