The White House

The White House

Sunday, June 6, 2010

De-Hoarding On An Alaskan Summer Day

What's this? Well, it is piles of stuff from upstairs that was never gone through piled on top of the back seat to the van. I have too much stuff.

So after half a day of work I put away/threw away that stuff and cleaned the rest of this room. Hoarding be gone one room at a time.

Lucas played a little hockey with a baseball and a can while I cleaned. Nice to have company.

I do not know why the pool table collects stuff. Shoes? Really?

The girls are doing great.

The oldest, Andrew, was over last night. Dad spent about 4 hours welding his muffler back together.

Oh, look. It is Emily and her chicken Oregano.

Lucas loves racing in his Hummer.

I forgot to take photos while playing basketball with the boys...Nick, Elijah, Prakash and Ethan so I snapped one out the window on my way to bed. It was actually a lot lighter out than this. The flash went off making it look darker. It was 1:00am! Gotta love Alaskan summers. :) Oh, and I did not win our game of horse. :(


anymommy said...

Nice job. Hoarding be gone. Also, chickens have big feet, that's more like a claw-o-horror on Oregano.

Janie said...

I never won Horse with my kids!
I'm a bad hoarder, too. Feels good when I finally throw out some of the junk.