The White House

The White House

Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Accomplishments

I started out my day with a hot cup of coffee in my Florida cup. The hockey trip Homer and I took to Florida and the day we spent at the beach with Nick and Cody was a perfect time in the history of The White House. Hard to believe it was so long ago! I've been thinking of my awesome Florida Blogger Friends bracing themselves for the oil disaster sure to strike them. My heart is heavy as I know how much they love their Paradise on Earth. It's all so complicated. We all use petroleum based products and most of us are not willing to give them up, and at the same time we want the harvesting of this commodity to be perfect. And our world isn't perfect. Humans error. I'm am just so sad that this error is so costly to us all. I am hoping for a miracle for those dear friends.

I ran Elijah to his girlfriend's house this morning and it was raining again. Everything is so green coming up Chena Ridge.

Dad spent a good part of his day working on my van. The power steering hose needed replaced...I've been using about a quart a day! He changed the belts and the oil. It's all tuned up and ready to go to Palmer which is about 320 miles away. I am loaning my 15-passenger van to the Monroe basketball team. They are headed down to play in a 40 team varsity and jv tournament that is put on by their head coach. They'll leave Monday at 8:00 AM and not be back until Friday night. It should be a fun time. It's killing me to not go and watch my son play, but it is good for him to take these kinds of trip without his Mommy. Lots of growth (I hope). The kids were awesome today. Nick, Emily and Prakash cleaned out the van...I'm talking buckets of stuff. Yes, we hoard in the van, too. Then Elijah vacuumed. Then we all scrubbed the inside. It was horrible, but now she's ready to fly! :)

My precious little Olivia is sick. She is running a 103* temperature without any other symptoms. She slept most of the day right there.

Nick and Prakash were awesome. I spent three hours pressure washing the pool, took an hour break and then spent another four hours. They actually offered to do it for me, but being the odd duck that I am I wanted to do the physical labor. It makes me feel good about myself. Now that my fingers are swollen, my knees are swollen and I am in an insane amount of pain I realize I should have just let them do it all! This will be my last year. It is kind of slippery and I am not so fit, overweight and don't have great balance. I'm lucky I didn't fall and hurt myself. Next year the boys will do it all. I really am so thankful for all their help today. Tomorrow we'll get the last of the leaves, etc. out of the bottom and it will be ready to fill.

Although I am quite bummed about the rain because I would like it to be 90* all day every day for the rest of my life, I must say the rain has made the grass go nuts. Looks so much better. Now I just need to plant the rest of my plants (once the pool is done).

It is 12:45 AM. I still have to visit some of my favorite blogs before bed. Morning will come early getting Elijah and my van off. See you tomorrow my friends.


Egghead said...

Your yard is looking so pretty. Sounds like you are so so busy. Poor little little Lucy is sick today as well with 102 degree fever.

Janie said...

I hope all goes well with the basketball trip.
The kids were good to help with the pool. You should take advantage of their youth and strength!
Hope Olivia is feeling better by now.